Google Nest thermostat with a great discount and free shipping

The model that is being promoted is the one that belongs to the third generation of Google’s smart thermostats, and more specifically the one with a color finish copper. This makes it look quite good in practically any environment you have in the living room, since it does not even bother taking into account the dimensions it has: 8.4 x 3.2 x 8, centimeters. By the way, the circular shape of this accessory also makes it quite attractive for a device that you can use both placed on a shelf and hung on the wall.

Copper Google Nest Thermostat

One of the things that attracts the attention of this device and that makes it saturation, is its direct compatibility with the google assistant. This allows you to manage its configuration in a very simple way just by using the voice, something that you will surely find the most striking and that you will find that it is also useful. In addition, and thanks to the fact that there is an application compatible with ios Y Android To perform the configuration and management, you will be able to establish contact with this product from anywhere you have access to the Internet, since it does not lack Wifi and in this way you can synchronize it with the router you have at home. That is, you will be one more step when creating a smart home.

Discount now on Amazon

Luckily if you are looking for a product of this type right now in the aforementioned online store you can take advantage of a discount which is located in the 32%, one of the largest ever seen by this model. The fact is that you save 80 euros, an amount of the most respectable for a complete smart thermostat that is one of the best that you can currently find on the market due to its large number of functions and the ease of use it offers. We leave you the link that you have to use where you will not have to pay anything for the shipment was the case of having a Prime account (and you will receive it the next day).

Important Google Nest details

One of the most striking is that this is a product that includes a large screen that allows you to see the temperature at home at all times and also know the settings set quickly and easily. You can even check if there is an icon in the form of green leaves that tells you that you are in Saving Mode, which is the right one to lower your gas and electricity bills. Even, and this seems to us the most interesting, this product automatically detect if you are not at home and adjusts all the parameters it controls so that consumption is as low as possible (it is even capable of turning off the hot water if you have compatible devices!).

Using Google Nest via the Internet

Before concluding, we want to indicate something that seems very important to us at Google Nest: thanks to the use of Artificial intelligence and deep learning, this accessory learning from your habits and, therefore, will know what your tastes are in aspects such as the temperature of the house at certain times and without having to program anything, it will be the one to make the necessary adjustments.

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