Google Nest Mini speaker on sale now for only 39 euros

This is the smallest option among all those that the Mountain View company has and that integrate its voice assistant. Due to its small size (a diameter of 98 mm and a height of only 42) it is very easy to find accommodation anywhere in the house. Even if you want to hang it on the wall, it is possible to get hold of some of the accessories for the Google Nest Mini that exist on the market and that increase its options for use in practically all sections. By the way, the model that is in promotion is the one that has a fabric finish of charcoal color.

Google Nest Mini charcoal

So that you do not have problems with its use, the connectivity offered by this model is excellent, since it does not lack Bluetooth 5.0 to communicate with other accessories and even with telephones (both those that use the operating system ios like those who do the same with Android), and they don’t lack Wifi. And the latter is essential, since thanks to this you can get the most out of the Google Nest Mini both when managing different accessories and asking for specific information, such as a recipe or how long a city is going to be. that you plan to travel. The fact is that you can do everything without cables.

Don’t waste time and take advantage of the offer

The truth I expected promotion that we have found on eBay is excellent, since it includes a discount of nothing less than him 3. 4%, which allows you to only have to pay 39 euros to buy it. Undoubtedly, a figure that is the most interesting in our opinion and that will possibly make you decide to buy this small accessory that has an excellent utility. We leave the link purchase that you must use to not miss this opportunity for a device that barely weighs 181 grams.

Important things on the Google Nest Mini

The first thing you should know about this device is enveloping, since thanks to its design and the speaker that integrates that it has a 40 mm transducer, a 360 degree feel is achieved which is perfect especially in small rooms. The fact is that you can use it as a Bluetooth speaker, which saves you from having to buy an additional product and you can send all the music you have on your phone or tablet directly without using any cables. By the way, this model inside includes a Chromecast, an addition that you must take into account.

Google Nest speaker connections

It is important that you know that the Google Nest Mini includes 3 long-range microphones With which the speaker will be able to recognize practically all the commands at a considerable distance, which ensures a good user experience. With all that said, and taking into account the current offer to get this accessory, we believe that it is a excellent choice to make the leap of making your home much smarter.

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