Google Meet will allow you not to see yourself in calls and add moving funds

MADRID, April 22 (2021) –

The video call service Google Meet has announced new features such as automatic adjustment so that the person appears in the center of the image, moving funds and the option to move hide the window in which the user appears so that the user does not see himself.

Google Meet has redesigned its web version with an improved and simpler interface than will begin to air during the next month of May, as the company announced in a statement.

As part of this new look, Meet includes more space to display video calls, as well as a system that allows to mark or unmark multiple contents to choose which one the user prefers to prioritize.

The new design features features such as the ability for users to uncheck your own video to reduce the size, move or even hide the image and stop seeing each other during the call.

Google Meet has announced other news such as the arrival of a new data saving mode, which allows you to save the mobile data consumption of your video calls and improve its stability.

Google Meet users with paid Workspace accounts will also receive a exclusive feature in the coming months, Autozoom, with which they can place their image in the center of the screen automatically by using AI.

The functions that come with the new design are completed with the automatic mode to increase the light on calls, already present in mobile phones and that will also reach the web, as well as new backgrounds with videos of a class, a party or a moving forest, compared to current static backgrounds.

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