Google Maps turns the Puebla sinkhole into a tourist attraction

sinkhole attraction

After the popularity of the Puebla sinkhole, Google Maps classified it as a tourist attraction

At the end of May, social networks were flooded with images of the sinkhole that arose in Puebla. Immediately the photos caused the curiosity of the people, who began to visit the place.

Following the popularity of the area, Google maps classified it as a tourist attraction. That contrasts with the requests of the authorities who have asked people to stay away, as they can put their lives at risk.

The Puebla sinkhole It is located in Santa María Zacatepec, if you search in Google maps you can see that it is marked as a tourist attraction.

Some users have pointed out that when they google “sinkhole in Puebla”, “sinkhole in Puebla map”, “latest sinkhole news” or some other synonyms, they find the following panel.


Popularity of the Puebla sinkhole makes it an attraction

It wasn’t really the tech giant who crossed out the Puebla sinkhole like a tourist attraction. But a “local guide” of Google maps.

It is a type of user that contributes content to the platform to obtain points that translate into benefits such as: early access to the functions of Google and special member rewards.

It should be remembered that Google maps It awards points to its “local guide” each that performs any of the following actions.

  • Review a place
  • Rate a place
  • Add photos to a place
  • Answer questions about a place
  • Check data about nearby places
  • Answer questions
  • Label a dish
  • Edit the information of a place or edit a route on the map
  • Add a missing place

The Puebla sinkhole It has also been included in Wikipedia in an article dedicated to Santa María Zacatepec.

sinkhole Puebla

“On May 30, 2021, in lands near the population, a sinkhole of around 60 meters in diameter was unexpectedly opened and soon filled with water, directly affecting a house and generating concern among the inhabitants of the area. .

Throughout that week, the growth of this continued and on June 4 the nearest house began to collapse, in addition to cracks in other buildings were reported “

Due to the danger of the sinkhole, the authorities keep it sheltered to prevent people from approaching it.

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