Google Maps: How to activate the new dark mode of the app

The dark mode has gradually reached different applications and search engines, Google is one of them, who has adapted its different apps to dark mode so that all its users enjoy its benefits. Nevertheless, Google maps It was missing to be integrated into this modality, a function that you can use today.

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Let dark mode be integrated into Google maps It is a great benefit for those who use the application when driving, traveling or looking for an address; as dark mode reduces eye strain among users and contributes to saving power on your phone.

Google Maps dark mode

To activate the dark mode of Google maps You just have to follow a couple of steps, which we share here, and enjoy that with your Telcel Max Unlimited Plan Do you have the Double Gigas to connect at any time or place thanks to #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest coverage.

How to activate the dark mode in Google Maps

1. Open the Google Maps app from your phone and click on your account photo in the upper right corner.

2. Enter the option Settings and a menu with settings for the app will appear.

3. Click on the section Topic.

4. Now you can choose between different and new options; Always show in light theme, Always show in dark theme, or Use the same theme as the device.

5. Select the one you like the most and then click on Keep.

Google Maps dark mode

Google maps Allows you to configure the default dark mode adjusting to the theme of your phone or change it depending on whether you are using the app during the day or at night. Of course, this new function is only available for Android devices, but it is expected that it will soon also come to iOS for iPhone.

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What do you think of the new dark mode of Google Maps? You like?

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