Google Drive will delete your files if it detects inappropriate content

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It was announced that Google Drive will be able to ban you if it considers the content of your files inappropriate, the company will review everything that is uploaded to the platform

Google drive has become a widely used platform worldwide for upload files to cloud. However now it was revealed that the service will be able to delete your content if it detects that it is inappropriate.

In mid-December, the company made changes to the policies for the use of its Internet service. cloud storage. These include new rules on uploading files.

Google Drive content

Google He pointed out that they will be able to review “the content, delete it if they find it inappropriate and even veto users from their cloud.”

According to the first reports, these rules apply to Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Forms and new sites.

“We may review the content to determine if it is illegal or violates our Program Policies, and we may remove it or refuse to publish it if we have sufficient reason to believe that it violates our policies or the law”

What will the Google process be like?

For the review the company will rely on automated systems. If inappropriate content is found, Google drive will notify the user that one of its content stored in the cloud has been identified as “inappropriate”.

The measurements can be the following:

  • Restriction of access to third parties, in which the content will be prevented from being shared online.
  • File deletion
  • User ban from all Google services.

Users will receive an email where they will be notified of the actions. People can request a review if they think it was a mistake.

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This process can be followed in the account of Google drive and to do so you must follow some steps:

  1. Select the file in question and open it.
  2. Then, click on the Share button and select the Request a review option.
  3. Finally, wait for Google to make a decision.

These Google Drive measures have already gone into effect and the company has started the content review process.

According to the company, the intention is to remove file hosts for malware, sexually explicit content, hate speech and “content that endangers children.”

But nevertheless Google drive It did not explain what type of content will be considered inappropriate, which has generated great controversy since the consideration of the content will be arbitrary and will fall entirely on the technology giant.

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