Google corrects “error” that blurred images of Line 12 of the subway

They accuse Google Maps of censorship for a “erasure” in the images of Line 12 of the subway. The company assured that it was a technical error

On Monday there was a collapse in the Metro line 12, after the dissemination of the images, many people resorted to Google maps to know the area of ​​the tragedy.

However, users began to report in the social media what was there censorship on the platform, since the images in the accident area were shown blurred or blurry.

Users showed their indignation because they assured that he was trying to support the capital authorities and not show the status of the infrastructure of the Metro line 12.

And it is that the demonstration of the cracks in the concrete whale is an effort to reveal that the damage to the infrastructure was what caused the collapse. Which would show that it was yet another case of negligence by the authorities to provide maintenance and repairs to an area in constant danger.

Google assures that the deletion of images was a technical error that has already been solved

Via Twitter Google he regretted the events that occurred and expressed his solidarity with all the families of the victims.

“From Google Mexico we deeply regret what happened in the Collective Transport System, Metro. We stand in solidarity with the victims, their families, and the communities affected by this tragedy “

After the criticism he received Google maps, the company defended itself by assuring that it was a technical error that had already been corrected.

“About the images on Street View of the incident that occurred on Line 12 of the subway. We confirm that the blurring responds to a technical error after capturing the images ”, clarified the technology giant on its Twitter account.

In this sense, it revealed that it was possible to see the non-blurred images of the Metro line 12 using the ‘Time Machine’ function. Or moving forward or backward of the tour.

“It is possible to observe non-blurred images of the place using the“ Time Machine ”function or moving forward or backward through the tour. We put at your disposal other platforms and tools, such as Map alerts, to find alternative routes to your destination “


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