Google Assistant will help you find your lost iPhone

Google assistant

The virtual assistant Google Assistant launches new functions, including the possibility of finding an iPhone through a voice command

More and more people are betting on the use of virtual assistants. That is why Google assistant announced new features that will help people in their daily lives.

One of the new tools will help you find your iPhone lost through a voice command. According to the company, a sound in the device so that the user can locate it.


It is not a new feature, as the same could be done for phones with OS Android, but now Google assistant also includes the apple cell phones.

How to use Google Assistant to find my lost iPhone?

If you need to find your iPhone you just have to say “Ok Google, find my phone.” This command is valid on any speaker, display or telephone with Google assistant.

In this way, a personalized sound will be reproduced on the equipment, in this way the user will be able to locate it faster. Noise will be played even when the computer is silent or in ‘Do not disturb’.

But for this you must have the critical alerts of Google Home enabled in ios. The company obtained the go-ahead of Manzana to be able to have critical notifications.


How to allow critical alerts on iPhone?

  • Go into Settings on your iPhone
  • Enter Google Home
  • Then go to Notifications
  • Activate critical alerts

It should be remembered that Manzana It has a similar function with Siri and Find My. If you want you can say “Hey Siri, locate my phone” on any Apple device and it will ask you if you want to play a sound on the lost device.

Another function it adds Google assistant en: Wizard routines, which makes it easy to perform multiple actions at once with a single command.

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