Goodbye Tim Allen? Chris Evans will be the new Buzz Lightyear 🚀

25 years after the premiere of Toy story, the first film of Pixar whose success meant a legacy of many more animated films; Pixar and Disney have announced the arrival of a new installment, this time starring Buzz lightyear where Chris Evans will voice the main character.

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Chris Evans Captain America dancing

This announcement was made known in the recent Disney Investor Day, where the company showed a preview of the series and films programmed from the world of Marvel, Star Wars, Disney and Pixar. However, Lightyear It was undoubtedly one of the most striking news and here we share all the details that are known about it.

Lightyear Official Disney Pixar Poster
Photo: Disney

The true story of Buzz Lightyear

Lightyear is the official name of this new film, where we will know for the first time the history of the real Buzz lightyear. That space ranger that inspired the world Pixar to creating toys like Buzz and which children like Andy wished they had.

Buzz Lightyear and Woody roasting malicious goo

This means that it will be a story in space, with real people and not with toys as in Toy story. A film that is planned for the June 17, 2020.

Chris Evans from Captain America to Buzz Lightyear

Chris Evans He will give voice to the young test pilot who later becomes a space ranger. It is not yet known if some other characters like the evil Emperor Zurg will be part of Lightyear.

What is certain is that this will be the first science fiction film of Pixar and that the integration of Chris Evans in the leading role it is news that everyone has delighted; even more so after having seen him as Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Chris Evans Pixar Lightyear
Photo: Instagram @chrisevans

What will happen to Tim Allen?

With four trajectory films bringing to life Buzz lightyear; Tim allen this time it will not be part of Lightyear. The latter because it is not a movie of Toy story And neither is the Buzz we’ve known for 25 years. It is a new proposal with a true space soldier that inspired the creation of toys like Buzz.

Buzz Lightyear TV commercial

In addition to Lightyear, Disney confirmed the premiere of Soul next December 25th through Disney +. Hire it in your Telcel Max Play Plan or add it to your current plan! #All in the same place.

Soul premiere Disney +

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There are many surprises in store, but Lightyear with Chris Evans is undoubtedly one of Pixar’s most anticipated. 🤩

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