Goodbye ephemeral statuses on WhatsApp! This trick helps to have them permanently

Not every day we have enough time to change our state; perhaps something new does not come to mind and we prefer that our state be maintained. So we share a trick and tell you how to make WhatsApp statuses permanent.

how to make WhatsApp statuses permanent

The instant messaging application has a ‘status’ section that allows our contacts to see them during the first 24 hours after establishing them. This until before the app made its update, since at the beginning the states were already permanent.

However, users weren’t the happiest having to continually change their statuses. For this there is a way that these remain as long as you want. Take note.

how to make WhatsApp statuses permanent

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Step by step: permanent statuses in WhatsApp

The old states returned to WhatsApp; this under the name of ‘Info’, a new section where we have the option to write our status –the phrase we want–, just as it happened in previous versions of the app.

If you want to get back ‘to normal’, all you have to do is go to the beta program for WhatsApp on Google Play.

After downloading it, you can update your WhatsApp and that way you can return to the old and permanent states that allow you to make them as eternal as you want.

permanent statuses in WhatsApp

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How to change WhatsApp status

Ok, I am ready to modify it, now how do I do it? The answer is simple! The first thing is to have a stable network, for this take advantage of the gigas of #TelcelLaMejorRed with the greatest Coverage since your Telcel Max Unlimited Plan includes WhatsApp in an unlimited way.

Now, go to ‘Menu’, followed by ‘Settings’. Click on your profile; In this section of the profile you will see the new section ‘Info’ and ‘phone number’.

Change your status by clicking on the preliminary text and write what you want to be your status now. If you can’t think of anything, you will have, as always, a list of possibilities that adapt very well to what interests you or suits you.

how to make WhatsApp statuses permanent

You already have it! Now you know how to make WhatsApp statuses permanent.

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