Goodbye Daft Punk! Announces his separation after 28 years

This Monday, Daft Punk has surprised all its followers with the publication of the video titled ‘Epilogue’ (Epilogue) that announces their separation after almost 30 years of experience.

Daft Punk formed in Paris in 1993 and became one of the leading exponents of house music. His debut album, «Homework» of 1997, includes hit songs such as “Around the World” Y “Da Funk”. His next material was Discovery in 2001, “Human After All” (2005) and “Random Access Memories” (2013).

Remember that you can find their best songs in the playlist This is how it sounds: Daft Punk of Clear music, so you can listen to them at full volume right now.

Daft Punk Announces Separation After 28 Years

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This is how Daft Punk announced their separation

In the video, taken from his movie ‘Electrome’ (2006), the duo appears walking, while little by little they begin to distance themselves, then Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo is seen moving away on the horizon after placing a bomb on Thomas Bangalterm that makes him explode.

The years appear “1993-2021” and the sun rises on the horizon, announcing that a new dawn has arrived, perhaps a new beginning. In the last minutes, ‘Touch’ sounds, song released in 2013 on the album ‘Random Access Memories’.

Daft Punk Announces Separation After 28 Years

These images have suggested to fans the separation of Daft Punk after 28 years of musical trajectory together.

The clip “Epilogue” lasts 7:58 seconds and has reached more than 4 million views within an hour of its publication.

To this material are added the statements of the musicians’ publicist, Kathryn Frazier, who, according to Pitchfork, confirmed the duo’s breakup, without giving further details.

Do you think this is Daft Punk’s final goodbye?

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