Good quality wireless laptop mice now on sale

One of the things that these models have in common is that they offer a high compatibility, since if necessary they include a USB adapter that allows you to connect it to the computer and, in this way, that you can use it are any difficulty both on computers with Windows operating systems and those that integrate macOS. Therefore, it can be said that 100% of laptops can use these complete wireless mice (although an additional adapter to Type-C may be needed in some cases).

The wireless mice that are now on sale

We leave several models that for quality and performance are good purchase options and, therefore, are a excellent investment. It is possible to get them from home without having to go out to a store, since they are available online, which increases their appeal. They are as follows:

Xiaomi Wireless Mouse 2

This is a model that has a very interesting design and that connects to laptops via radio frequency. With a wide autonomy that exceeds two months of usual use, the resolution allowed by its optical sensor is 1,000 dpi, so there is no problem in what has to do with the response when it comes to recognizing gestures. Your discount is nothing less than 59%.

Xiaomi Wireless Mouse 2

Logitech M185

One of the options that should be taken into account is that this is a model that has a really high quality, both in the community of use and in the response it offers to movements. One of its best details about this accessory, which has a discount of 45%, is that its autonomy reaches 12 months.

Logitech M185

Rii RM301

If you are looking for the perfect compatibility, this is one of the possibilities that you should take into account, since it combines Bluetooth with radio frequency, so there is no problem, since it works in 100% of the laptops on the market. Correct in ergonomics and autonomy, it reaches 1,600 dpi so its response is excellent. Your savings at the moment is 12%.

Rii RM301

Microsoft Wireless Mobile

Simple and with quite small dimensions, it is a model that fits like a glove to carry it from one place to another. It is one of the wireless mice that offers a longer autonomy, and the response is excellent. Available in various colors and at a 41% discount, compatibility is complete with all operating systems that exist in notebooks today.

Microsoft Wireless Mobile Wireless Mouse

Trust Yvi

This model does not fail at all because thanks to its 46% discount it is really cheap, which is always positive. Well in the response offered by its optical sensor and with a very wide autonomy, without a doubt this is one of the possibilities that you have to assess since it fits perfectly to carry it with the laptop from one place to another.

Trust Yvi Wireless Mouse

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