Metadata Cleaner in GNOME

This week, the project behind the desk used by major versions of Ubuntu and Fedora, among others, announced the GNOME 41 release. At first glance, it is not as important an update as the v40, which introduced the touchpad gestures, but everyone who has tried it agrees that the performance improves a lot. As expected, it is something they have also mentioned in the this week’s article about the news that are arriving or have already arrived on the planet GNOME.

But, taking the first quick look at it, what has caught my attention the most has been the section on Kooha 2.0.0, not so much because of the information provided by GNOME as because of the list of news that we see when entering the project GitHub page. Among other things, it now supports the MP4 and GIF formats and allows you to record a specific window or desktop.

What’s new in the GNOME world

  • GNOME 41 is now available, with improvements such as greater fluidity.
  • libadwaita and libhandy now have an API to interact with the upcoming dark-style preference between desktops.
  • Metronome has come to GNOME Circle.


  • Metadata Cleaner version 2.0.0 has been released. This is a major update that includes a new user interface built with GTK4 and libadwaita, a new help system, and a whole set of new and updated translations.

Metadata Cleaner 2.0

  • Kooha 2.0.0, one of the best options for recording the desktop in GNOME now that Wayland is used by default, now supports MP4 and GIF, among other new features.
  • Déjà Dup 43.alpha has been released, with support for Microsoft OneDrive, optional experimental support for the Restic backup tool, and a general user interface update.
  • Audio Sharing, new application to share audio like RTSP. It may be fine, but I’ve tried it this week and it hasn’t worked for me …
  • Random has version 0.9 on Flathub. This version brings working translations into 2 languages, along with the features of the previous versions.

And these are the changes that have occurred this week around GNOME. Next week more and we hope better.