Light theme and dark theme in GNOME

Last February, here in Ubunlog we echoed an arrival: Fragments 2.0 is now available. Existing, for example, Transmission, qBittorrent or KTorrent, among many others, one wonders if an application like this is necessary. The answer, as usual, is “it depends”. If we are using GNOMEFragments is a torrent client that integrates seamlessly with your desktop, so if you don’t need a particular feature, it may be the best option.

And it is that the article number 30 This week in GNOME has been titled “Fragmented”, I imagine because of the arrival of Fragments 2.0. Among the rest of news you mentioned today, I would highlight a setting that will allow you to change the wallpaper depending on the chosen theme, light or dark. A wallpaper like the original GNOME wallpaper has been added, but with a darker tone, to take advantage of this new setting without having to change the default background.

This week in GNOME

  • The appearance of application reviews in GNOME Software has been updated, as well as some other tweaks to its interface. Being this a blog whose central theme is Ubuntu, we have to remember that GNOME Software is the software center of the project, but Canonical uses its own store that prioritizes Snap packages. The author of this article recommends installing GNOME Software and, well, forgetting the default store.
  • The backgrounds may change depending on whether the light or dark theme is used. The original blue background now has a purple version for when using dark mode.
  • The beginner’s tutorial is now available at Vala.
  • Fragments 2.0 is here, and the highlights are in our February 9 article.
  • Pika Backup now has an interface to delete old backup files.
  • Rust bindings for libsecret in gtk-rs.
  • GstPipelineStudio 2.0.3 is now available on Flathub, with fixes for the Flatpak version release.
  • Random 1.1 has arrived with a new icon, libadwaita 1.1, some improvements in translations and other internal ones.
  • Extensions:
    • Version 3 of the panel-corners extension is now available, which allows the user to keep the rounded corners of the panel, after its recent removal. This extension also adds rounded corners to the screen; and allows configuring roundness settings (via gsettings at the moment).
    • It is now largely based on the old gnome-shell code itself, and is already compatible with GNOME 40 and 41 for those who want to have rounded corners at the bottom of the screen.
  • Just Perfection v17, an app to customize GNOME Shell, has been released with some bug fixes. Also, the panel corner size option has been removed in GNOME Shell 42.

And that has been all this week in GNOME