GNOME Disk Usage Analyzer

Continuing with the articles on what’s new in the GNOME world, this week They have published a note in which much of the aforementioned has something in common: applications that have been carried (ported) to GTK4 and libadwaita. In fact, everything that is not third-party applications includes “gkt4” in one way or another, and only one of them does not include libadwaita as well. In addition to the desktop version, GNOME also has its mobile version, and this week they have returned to introduce new features in this regard.

The applications that have been brought to GTK4 and libadwaita they are the Disk Usage Analyzer, GNOME Tour, the Software Center, and Commit. Furthermore, gtk-rs has added a chapter on stocks to its gtk4-rs book. In addition to this, this week they have talked about changes in Phosh and third-party applications, that is, they are not part of GNOME officially, but are designed with the famous desktop used, among others, Ubuntu.

What’s New in Third Party Software for GNOME

  • A portals demo app has been released on Flathub.
  • Phosh’s CI channel now automatically takes screenshots in different languages ​​(currently Arabic, Japanese, and German). This is expected to make it easier for developers, designers and translators to check for design changes.
  • GNOME To Do now uses a new color scheme API provided by libadwaita to manage dark and light modes. The style selector has also received visual improvements.

And that has been all for today. Although they have also talked about third-party applications, the news this week is that are focusing on improving consistency of the desktop, something that is expected to improve a lot when GNOME 42 is released in March 2022. From next week until then, Ubuntu users will have to settle for GNOME 40.