Mousai joins GNOME Circles

It’s the weekend again, and that means that they have told us about news in the Linux world. On Fridays a new article by This week in GNOME, and this time it is somewhat shorter than on occasion, but no less important. Or yes, depending on how you look at it. Of what mentioned this week for the project that develops the desktop that uses Ubuntu by default I think it highlights a new update of Phosh.

I also find it noteworthy that Mousai has joined the GNOME Circle. It is a music identifier like Shazam, with the logical difference of track record and experience. Mousai is newer and its results are limited, but GNOME had something to do with it to make it decide to put it in their circle.

This week in GNOME

  • libadwaita has new style classes: .card to help style standalone widgets similar to boxed lists as seen in Software, Shortwave, or Health; and .opaque to make custom colored buttons. Also, it has a demo with a list of most of the available style classes (both the added ones and the GTK ones) that can be used as a reference.
  • The bookstore gnome-bluetooth it has been brought to GTK4. Right now the GTK4 and GTK3 versions coexist.
  • GNOME Builder now has a GTK4 Rust template, which includes template composition, subclasses, about dialog, sections, and accelerators.
  • Mousai has joined the GNOME Circle.
  • NewsFlash lost support for feedly due to the API secret expiring. The new 1.5.0 release removes the feedly option from flathub builds. However, the code is still present and custom builds are possible with developer secrets. As an alternative to feedly NewsFlash 1.5.0 now offers support for Inoreader. We are still looking for a maintainer for the Inoreader integration that feeds NewsFlash along with Inoreader.
  • The torrent queue in Fragments can be reordered, and it can now automatically detect clipboard magnet links.
  • Phosh 0.14.0 has been released, with a new home screen, improved multimedia widget with search buttons, and less flickering at startup.

And that has been it all this week at GNOME. In seven more days and hopefully better.