GNOME 42 will release screenshot app

Screenshot tool in GNOME 42

The truth is that we had already talked a lot about the new app for screenshots of GNOME, but today have communicated It’s officially coming along with GNOME 42. The project is publishing weekly things they’re working on or have already released, and this week’s article is simply called “PrintScrn”. «What does this mean?» Those who do not speak English will be thinking. Well, «Print Screen», the key that on a Spanish keyboard can appear as Impr Pant and is used to take screenshots.

This tool will change a lot in GNOME 42, but, in my opinion, the most important change is that it will also allow you to record the desktop screen as we can already do with SimpleScreenRecorder if we are in X11 or OBS Studio if we are in Wayland. What you have next is news list that they have provided us this afternoon-night in Spain.

This week in GNOME

  • The screenshot tool, GNOME Shell Screenshot UI in English, has been “merged” with GNOME 42. They have also taken the opportunity to review and refine the design. On the other hand, some functions have been added, such as the possibility of Screencasting.
  • WebKitGTK has fixed some bugs related to touchscreens and now supports accent color for applications or the system when rendering scrollbars and other widgets.
  • Vala 0.55.2 has arrived, adding support for async_main() as the most notable novelty. Support has also been added for yield Y forearch with GLib.Array Y Glib.Sequence.
  • The libhandy development branch has been renamed from “master” to “main”.
  • In libadwaita, postfix widget support for AdwPreferencesGroup has been implemented.
  • GNOME Tour has been slightly redesigned and has removed the video feature.
  • GNOME Builder now resolves files to a toolbox or podman container correctly and thus can provide clang completions, symbol resolution, and container hover information. This should make the job in C/C++ with a wrapper much nicer. Color schemes in Builder have also been adjusted so Adwaita’s color scheme has much better contrast and a nice color palette to better distinguish elements.
  • Various improvements to GLib.
  • A correction in the GJS documentation.
  • Health app notifications have been redone. On the other hand, its interface has been ported to Blueprint and the activity view has changed to AdwExpandedRow.
  • Released ashpd 0.2 with several APIS and PipeWire improvements, among others.
  • The Nostalgia wallpaper app now uses GTK4 and libadwaita.
  • Fractal has received many improvements, such as user verification or timeline, among others.
  • In the extension manager:
    • Show screenshots of
    • Support for dark themes.
    • GNOME Shell version compatibility check.
    • Ability to sort search results by Popularity, Updated, etc.
    • Global activation/deactivation of extensions.
    • Show user and system extensions separately

And that has been all this week in GNOME.

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