Shell in GNOME 42

Personally, if there is something I like about the latest versions of GNOMETouchpad gestures aside, it’s the design. Yes, it is true that they have had a similar image for years, but the dock, which I move down, and its simple interface attract my attention for good. For that reason I was a little surprised to read the beginning of a This Week in GNOME note that they have titled as “borderless” or “borderless”.

The GNOME project says that your Shell is going to get a big visual makeover for GNOME 42, the desktop Ubuntu 22.04 should use. In addition to color palette changes, many elements have rounded out their appearance. The menu panels have also received a major redesign, with a new style for the sub-menus. The virtual keyboard that can appear on the screen has also been improved. To see all the images, we recommend visiting the Original article.

This week in GNOME

  • Online accounts in settings now use GTK4, and the Display and Apps sections have been redesigned.
  • WebKitGTK2.34.4 has come with various security patches.
  • GNOME Software has improved the screen permissions required by Flatseal.
  • In GJS:
    • Updated its underlying JS engine to SpiderMonkey 91, bringing many modern JS conveniences.
    • Standards-compliant setTimeout() and setInterval() methods have been added to GJS and can now be used as in web browsers, while still being integrated into the main GLib loop.
    • Added overrides for and GObject.Object.new_with_properties() to work with properties.
    • Previously, pressing Ctrl+D at the debugger prompt printed an error message instead of exiting. This has been fixed.
    • Added column numbers to SyntaxError messages, to go along with the line number.
  • gtk-rs has received improvements such as the gdk3 Wayland API.
  • New GTK4 widget screenshots application from a UI file. It allows loading CSS, fonts and translations, setting scaling and dark theme, while using libadwaita’s style sheet.
  • They have introduced gtk-kt (more information).
  • Relm4 0.4 has received many improvements, such as some macro enhancements, write-safe actions, and more flexibility in the runtime and updated dependencies.
  • Phosh has received improvements in Wayland, among others.

And that has been all this week in GNOME.