GNOME 40 beta is now available

Few days ago, through the mailing lists, Abderrahim Kitouni, member of the desktop environment development team, I made the announcement of the release of the beta version of Gnome 40 and which is already available to the public and those interested in testing, in order to help the Gnome team to identify all those errors and possible failures.

Ad comes a month before the release of the stable version of the environment desktop and among the improvements mentioned, these aim to provide greater ergonomics to the work environment, largely based on the interfaces that are often associated with tablets.

“The beta version of GNOME 40 is now available. It also marks the beginning of the user interface, functionality, and API freeze (collectively referred to as “The Freeze”). Any channel changes must be announced on the i18n mailing list before the freeze that is expected to begin next weekend. If you want to follow the GNOME 40 platform, this is the best time to start testing your applications or extensions, ”said Abderrahim Kitouni.

It should be noted in particular that the vertical arrangement of the elements leaves room for a more horizontal view throughout the graphical interface. Navigation with the touchpad would be much more natural, based on user feedback.

Main new features of the Gnome 40 beta

With the launch of this beta version of the environment, it is highlighted that Gnome Shell has finished redesigning the preview area, deprecated extensions are now disabled by default, and other improvements.

Besides that major updates were made to Mutter, including the launch of XWayland on demand, support for atomic mode settings, default horizontal workspace settings.

Also, we can find that GVFS integration with Google improved folder performance They contain a large number of files, adding a folder to shared drives.

And that the Nautilus file manager improved tab completion on location input, improvements in preferences dialog.

Of the other changes that stand out from this new version are:

  • The new language functions and new APIs for GJS JavaScript support
  • various conversion enhancements in the GNOME calculator (frequencies, weeks, centuries, decades)
  • GTK 4.1 bundled with its various fixes and improvements

Gnome version 40 is announced for March 24, 2021, but the date is subject to change according to development. Eligible version should be available on Saturday March 13 According to the official calendar, when the code will be frozen and no new features can be added.

As a reminder, the Gnome Project, the office environment development team had decided that after version 3.38 (released in September), 3.40 would become 40, as a sign of a major evolution.

After several months of design exploration, the Gnome Shell team announces that significant changes will take place with the release of Gnome 40 in spring 2021.

Finally, for those interested in being able learn more about it, you can check the details In the following link.

Download and test the Gnome 40 beta

For those who are interested in being able to test this beta version of what will be the next version of Gnome 40, they should know that at the time of making this publication only eThe source code is available for compilation.

The code can be downloaded from this link.

On the other hand, for those interested in some specific packages, you can get the source codes separately from this link.

Last but not least, the developers of the environment have also made a Gnome OS image ready as an installer available to everyone to test and transfer extensions with this new beta version of Gnome 40.

The link is this.

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