GitHub Desktop, work with GitHub from the Ubuntu desktop

about github desktop

In the next article we are going to take a look at GitHub Desktop. This is an open source application based on Electron, which is written in TypeScript and uses React. GitHub works as a repository for source codes and can be installed and used on different types of operating systems. Brendan Forster developed GitHub Desktop so that Gnu / Linux users can work with GitHub from the desktop.

GitHub Desktop seeks to reduce frustration and make Git and GitHub workflows more accessible. The goal is to keep common workflows simple, so both beginning and experienced developers are productive when working with Git and GitHub. GitHub Desktop does not replace the functionality of Git, it is only a tool that will allow the user and his team to be more productive. Even though this program can be used by a variety of people, it is mainly software developers who can find it most useful.

The main purpose of this app is to extend the features of GitHub, not to replicate the feature set of GitHub Desktop should be a useful tool for beginning developers, but it is not explicitly a teaching tool. What you are looking for is primarily to be of assistance in getting the job done more quickly and efficiently, in a way that is consistent with best practices.

Download and Install GitHub Desktop

To start we will download the .deb package with which to install this program. For this we can visit the releases page, or use wget in terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T) as follows:

download deb package

sudo wget

Once the download is finished, we only have to go to the folder in which we have saved the downloaded file and double-click on it to install it from the Ubuntu software option. We can also open a terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T) and use the following install command:

install app

sudo dpkg -i GitHubDesktop-linux-2.8.1-linux2.deb

A quick look at the program

If the GitHub Desktop application is installed correctly, we should be able to find it on our computer the program launcher.

github desktop launcher

The following window will open before us, when the application is opened for the first time.

starting screen

If you have an account on, click the button ‘Sign in to‘and if you have a GitHub Enterprise account, click the’ buttonSign in to GitHub Enterprise.

In case you are new and want to create an account, click on the link ‘Create your free account‘. If you do not want to access or create an account, click on the link ‘Skipt this step‘. If we click on ‘Create your free account‘, the following page will appear in the browser.

create free account

After providing valid information in the form, we will only have to validate the account through the email that they will send us.

Authorize the application

authorize application

On the page to be displayed, four characteristics of the application are mentioned for authorization:

  • The GitHub desktop development app → to access the GitHub account from the Ubuntu desktop using the GitHub Desktop application.
  • Repositories → repositories can be public or private.
  • User personal data → fully accessible through GitHub Desktop.
  • Work flow → which will update the GitHub file that is updated locally in the workflow.

If we click the button ‘Authorize desktop‘, These four functions will be enabled for our GitHub account, so that we can use them with the use of GitHub Desktop.

allow application

The following pop-up window will appear requesting permission to allow to open the link x-github-desktop-dev-auth.

select application

We will have to click the ‘buttonChoose application‘to select the desktop application’GitHub Desktop and click the ‘buttonOpen link‘.

Jam Git

Now, if we open the installed GitHub Desktop application again, the following form will appear to configure Git.

git configuration

The username and email address of the GitHub account that we established when creating the GitHub account will appear here. This information will appear automatically, if everything is configured correctly. After this, the application should start when you click ‘Finish‘.

Launch the app

github desktop working

If the GitHub desktop is installed and configured correctly in Ubuntu, a window like the one above will appear. We will also find a menu bar at the top of the application window, with which to perform the different types of tasks related to the repositories.

github desktop options

GitHub Desktop can be a very useful application for GitHub users. This will be helps in easily controlling all repository related tasks. Users who want to know more about this project, can consult the project’s GitHub repository.

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