Get to know the new sections and notifications on Instagram!

Social networks have become the main means with which we communicate, entertain or even work. That is why every time they fail or fall, they do not usually go unnoticed. When this happens, the first thing we ask ourselves is if it is a technical failure, if the Internet was disconnected or if it is a problem with the device. Luckily, Instagram will integrate new notifications that will help you solve those problems.

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What are the new Instagram notifications?

Instagram announced that it will release new notifications so that when they have a flaw in the platform, you can find out right away. In addition, they will also notify you of the repair process and once the issue is fully fixed.

Instagram thought of everything, including the fact that not all users like to receive hundreds of external notifications than those they receive for interacting with their contacts, so they will be careful that the new notifications are not excessive.

New notifications on Instagram will warn of technical failures - Blog Hola Telcel

“We will not send a notification every time there is an outage, but when we notice that people have concerns and are looking for answers, stopwe will finish if something like this could help clarify the picture “explained Instagram on its official blog.

In addition to the new notifications on Instagram, a new section will also be enabled within the platform. This new section will be aimed at the same purpose of giving peace of mind about a problem with the platform.

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Account status: the new section on Instagram

In this new section, the user can make requests for help to consult information in the event that the platform has downloaded any of the shared content. These types of requests are very common in business accounts. However, now any user can access them in a much easier way.

New section on Instagram will warn of technical failures - Blog Hola Telcel

In this new section, users will also be notified, according to the most recent publications, if they have violated any rule that puts their account at risk.

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At the moment the notifications on Instagram, as well as the new section, can only be tested by users who live in the United States. If successful, the function could be expanded to other countries.

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