Get the high-capacity Samsung T5 SSD at an unbeatable price

This is a model that has excellent qualities to be a perfect solution for any kind of assignment that you have in mind to give it, since it is worth as much to be able to store a large amount of information (such as documents or large images and videos) as if you decide that this is one of the accessories that you use with the console that you have at home to install a large number of games that do not fit on the internal disk that comes with the device. In addition, its compatibility is excellent, since it uses interface USB type C, which makes it a practically universal device.

Samsung T5 SSD USb connection

The capacity of this Samsung T5 SSD is wide enough so that you do not have to restrict the use you give it at any time, inside you will find 500 GB fully available. And all this with very small dimensions (of only 74 x 10.5 x 57.3 mm, allowing you to store the product even in your shirt pocket) and the weight stays in 51 grams. This, without a doubt, makes this device an excellent choice in the case of having to carry it constantly on top, since it will hardly even take up space in the backpack.

The discount to buy this external disk

In these moments you can save money nothing more and nothing less than a 2. 3% with respect to the price that this accessory usually has. This means that you only have to pay 84.99 euros, a very low figure for an excellent external SSD disk that ensures a fantastic performance that allows it to be an option for both personal and professional use. We leave you below the link that you must use in the PcComponentes store to make the purchase and where you only have to pay € 3.95 as shipping costs, which is not exactly bad news.

Good performance of this Samsung T5 SSD

The high transfer rates offered by this device make it an excellent choice, since it is possible from install apps inside to enjoy complex games without noticing a drop in performance compared to the use of an internal model. We say this because it is capable of reaching the 540 MB / s both in reading and writing, which undoubtedly makes it a highly recommended model for those who are especially demanding. In addition, it is important to indicate that it also supports the use of security algorithms so that only you can access the information, the encryption being capable of managing 256 bit AES.

Samsung T5 SSD blue

With all that we have indicated, it is quite clear that this is an excellent purchase option, especially now that it is on sale. But there are some more details that we think are quite important, the first being that this is a model Bus Powered so you will only use one cable both to acquire the necessary energy and to manage the information. Additionally, it is important that you are very clear that you will not have any problem to use it both on computers with Windows like the ones they use macOS.

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