Get the Amazon Echo Show 8 screen on sale for 20 euros less

This is a model that, as its name suggests, has a screen of eight inches You can see practically any type of content such as the prediction of the weather of the place where you are, the image of a video call that you have in progress and, of course, you can even enjoy videos that are in the cloud, such as those of YouTube. The resolution of this component is 1,280 x 800 pixels, so you can enjoy HD quality without the slightest problem in a device that can be placed both on the kitchen counter and on the table you have in the room, since its dimensions are contained: 200.4 x 135.9 x 99.1 mm.

Amazon Echo Show 8 black

With access to the voice assistant Alexa Without restrictions on this complete smart screen, you can perform many actions with your voice to make the most of the Amazon Echo Show 8 screen. An example is from asking for a recipe for a kitchen dish that you intend to make and you don’t know how do it (you can even see directions in a video) until you manage all the accessories you have that are compatible with this tool from the well-known online store, such as light bulbs and even sound bars with access to the assistant. To do this, the product we are talking about has microphones of high sensitivity that, if you need it, can be disabled to increase the privacy you have at specific times.

A very good discount for the Amazon Echo Show 8

At the moment you can get the accessory we are talking about by paying only 109.99 euros, which is a 15% savings compared to the price it usually has on Amazon. Without having to pay absolutely nothing for shipping costs in the case of having a Prime account, it is important to indicate that this is a model that has, among other things, a camera that has a resolution of 1 Mpx which ensures that the video calls that are made are of a high quality. This is the link that you have to use to not miss this promotion to get the smart screen we are talking about:

Things to value about this accessory

Apart from admitting a good number of accessories this Amazon Echo Show 8, it should be noted that there is the possibility of using the so-called Skills with this model and that allow to increase the utility of the device in question. These options are small tools that are installed in the control application used in the phones (compatible with iOS and Android) and that add uses that are not natively present in the product. An example is the support of platforms such as Spotify or accessing the news of the day from trusted sources.

Amazon Echo Show 8 with stand

This smart screen is not lacking a pair of speakers to ensure a fairly good sound quality. These are 51 millimeters, and they work quite well in the different ranges that are usually used both to listen to music and to enjoy the dialogues in the series. With all this that we have said and taking into account that the connectivity offered by this model is wide, since for example no lack of Bluetooth and no WiFi To access the Internet, it is important to indicate that the integrated hardware is powerful enough to have a great user experience (an example its MediaTek MT8163 processor).

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