Get inspired by the ‘Blue Whale’ and join #LaNaturalezaEnTuCasa

The blue whale is the largest animal on the planet that migrates through all oceans and plays a key role in the ecosystem. Today we can all help conserve this marine gem, as well as take care of its habitat. With your talent you can be part of project ‘Blue Whale’ of the program Nature in your House of Alliance WWF-Fundación Telmex Telcel and spread the importance of this beautiful animal. We explain how to participate individually or together with your family.

Blue whale, the jewel of our seas

The blue whale can be up to 33 meters long and has a bluish-gray color with light whitish spots, it is easy to distinguish it by its small dorsal fin. They are found throughout the world’s oceans, communicating with complex and mysterious sounds.

Despite being an animal distributed throughout the planet, it is in danger of extinction. It faces threats that have decreased its populations, mainly due to indiscriminate hunting, pollution of the oceans by chemicals and plastics, overexploitation of its habitat and finally by climate change.

In Mexico, there are sites called whale refuge, as they are congregation and reproduction sites of different species. For example, the Ojo deLiebre lagoon complex (Ojo de Liebre, Manuela and Guerrero Negro lagoons), Loreto Bay and SanIgnacio Lagoon, in the Sea of ​​Cortés, Baja California. In December 1993, the UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Cultural and Natural Heritage, inscribed these lagoons on the world heritage list, recognizing the exceptional and universal value of these areas.

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The ‘Blue Whale’ project of the program La Naturaleza en tu Casa de Alianza WWF-Fundación Telmex Telcel reminds us of the importance of this species as part of the biodiversity of the sea. Its main objective is to sensitize young people about the natural wealth of Mexico and its conservation and seeks to make them aware of the importance of their decisions for the benefit of the conservation of this species, using art as a vehicle to transmit ideas.

How can I participate in the ‘Blue Whale’ project?

You can join from anywhere in the country! Everyone can participate, be it families and the public. Teams must be made up of 1 to 5 members, where at least one is of legal age. Together they must make a drawing, painting or sculpture inspired by the Blue Whale.

The work must be creative and aesthetic with free technique, with maximum physical dimensions of 40 X 40 cm.

blue whale project

When finished, upload a photo of the job to the page, with a maximum weight of 1 Mb.

Write a message that emphasizes the Blue Whale and its conservation in 140 characters maximum. Eye! Take good care of your spelling, use punctuation marks, as well as upper and lower case letters appropriately.

Teamwork is useful to distribute tasks and promote social cooperation, so if you decide to work as a family, all members should participate in the project activities, whether it is organizing the materials, coordinating the team, writing the conservation message , prepare the work, upload it to the participation page or promote it to be viewed or voted on.

Start today to organize yourself with your family or encourage yourself to participate individually, since you have the April 05 to 16 (until 10:00 p.m., Central Mexico time) to register the work on the page

blue whale in the sea

Voting will choose the winner!

The winning work will be the one that obtains the highest number of votes online, the voting period is from April 19-23 (until 10:00 p.m., Central Mexico time), through the page The vote is linked to a Facebook account, so the objective of this stage is for the participants to disseminate the photographs of their drawing or painting along with their conservation message, and for as many people as possible to give them a “like ”.

The Alliance committee calls for compliance with the rules of respect, civility and coexistence among the participants. Likewise, participation in voting is expected to be conducted in an honest manner. Otherwise, the eventual disqualification of those teams that violate these rules will be analyzed.

Take advantage of this time to spend more time at home and motivate the rest of the family and friends to vote for your work!

The winners!

The results of the finalist works will be published on May 03 also on the page

Those who get the highest number of votes for the publication of their drawing / painting on the page, will be the winners of this edition.

By participating, you and your family will be part of the group of people concerned about the conservation of biodiversity and the care of its species.

Go ahead and participate in La Naturaleza en Casa. By doing artistic work that spreads the importance of the blue whale and encourages actions to protect its habitat, you will be helping to conserve it.

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