Garming Fenix ​​6 Pro smartwatch with a great offer and free shipping

This is a variable accessory that is almost specifically designed to be a completely viable solution when leaving home to practice any type of exercise, be it running or mountaineering. The reason for saying this is that protection that it has is excellent, since for example it is able to withstand the Water -up to 10 atmospheres- without suffering the slightest problem and even has the military certification American that ensures that bumps and falls are not a problem. In addition, the touch screen of 1.3 inch which is of good quality includes Gorilla Glass 3 protection, which is also life insurance.

Garming Fenix ​​6 Pro smartwatch screen

One of the good options that you will find in this Garming Fenix ​​6 Pro is that it has a large number of functions because the number of sensors that integrates (among which the heart rate itself is not lacking) is very elevated. An example of the possibilities that you will find in this device is that you can use it as a thermometer, barometer and also as a pedometer. That is, everything that may be needed from a product of this type. Also, once it is synced via Bluetooth With a phone you can also check the calls you receive or incoming notifications.

Nothing is missing from this smartwatch

A good example of what we say is that inside the accessory there is a GPS, which is very positive when it comes to increasing the accuracy of the data acquired in relation to daily physical activity. But this component goes much further, because it allows the advanced use of the maps that are integrated into the smartwatch itself. These ensure independent use when doing sports and the amount of information included in them is very high, since it is even possible to know the location of different ski resorts. As you can see, sport is the great goal of this model.

Garming Fenix ​​6 Pro side

Offer for the Garming Fenix ​​6 Pro

There is also very good news in this section, since right now from home you can buy the smartwatch we are talking about with a 21% discount, which means that you pay 150 euros less for a complete smartwatch and that it is ideal for sports lovers. No shipping costs that you have to pay right now in case you decide to make the purchase in the link that we leave after this paragraph, right now we believe that it is one of the Best moments to get this device compatible with iOS and Android.

Finally we want to indicate that the autonomy offered by this model with a full charge of its battery is quite positive, since overcome without the slightest problem the day of use with the GPS activated constantly. Also, as it includes NFCIf you wish, you can make payments with the Garming Fenix ​​6 Pro itself without having to take your wallet out of your pocket, something that is surely appreciated when you go to play sports.

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