Garmin sports smartwatch on sale now at a big discount

The model we are talking about is the Garmin Instinct Solar, which has among its best features that it offers a simply and simply spectacular autonomy. The great reason for saying this is that it has a photodiode that allows and recharges automatically according to the solar exposition that you have. In this way it is possible to reach up to 54 days of use normal without having to resort to a plug, which makes it one of the best you can find on the market today. By the way, the inclusion of this element does not prevent that, among other things, this accessory allows the strap to be changed easily and there are a large number of them to choose from.

Garmin Instinct Solar display

The screen that is included in this Garmin sports smartwatch is monochrome, since it seeks to optimize consumption and that the outdoor display is the best possible (here it is necessary to comment that its resolutions of 128 x 128 pixels, more than enough). The fact is that it is more than enough for the moments in which sports are done both indoors and outdoors. In what has to do with resistance, one of the best details that this model offers is that its resistance in water reaches the 10 atmospheres, so you can bathe with it without the slightest problem. Besides, its finished in reinforced plastic ensures that drops or bumps are not a problem.

Don’t miss out on the offer for the Garmin Instinct Solar

If what we have discussed so far is interesting for you, surely the interest in the purchase increases when knowing that there is a 10% discount to be able to buy this wearable accessory from home and also without having to add anything for shipping costs. In this way, you can save 37 euros from the price that the eBay store usually has. We leave the link that you have to use to get this device that, among other things, allows you to intelligently manage the notifications that arrive on the phone with which it is synchronized using Bluetooth technology.

This Garmin sports smartwatch is very complete

We say this because, for example, inside from an accessory it is possible to find a large number of sensors such as altimeter, barometer and compass. These are accompanied by the heart rate itself that can be used as pulse oximeter, which allows you to know from the heart rate you have at all times (even when you are running), to detect the amount of oxygen in the blood and know when to stop for sports because it is dangerous to continue.

Garmin Instinct Solar smartwatch sensor

With all that has been said and taking into account that this Garmin sports smartwatch has 1 weight of 53 grams and that it does not lack GPS In order for its precision to be the best possible when it comes to acquiring information, we believe that it is an excellent opportunity you have with it, taking into account its offer and such striking possibilities as solar recharging, which is sure to be of great help to athletes.

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