Gaming Mattress | In Japan a mattress for gamers is on sale

Gaming Mattress Japan

Gaming Mattress went on sale. A mattress that is designed to help gamers spend several hours playing comfortably

With the intention that gamers are comfortable while playing, different devices have been created such as chairs, special keyboards, desks, monitors and mice.

However, in Japan he went further and put on sale a mattress designed for gamers. Is about Gaming Mattress, which is made of slightly firm, high-strength urethane foam with a thickness of 8 centimeters.

gamer mattress

The Bauhutte brand contracted the Japanese mattress manufacturer Nishikawa, for the creation of this mattress that promises to offer people the comfort they need to be able to play without interruptions for pains in the body.

Features of the mattress for gamers

According to the first reports Gaming Mattress It has grooves in the foam throughout the mattress to offer different degrees of support, in addition to offering necessary ventilation to avoid heat.

“The mattress cover can be removed and cleaned, and the mattress can be rolled up for storage and transport if necessary”

In addition the gamers They could use it to have the necessary support after a day of play and thus have a good night’s sleep.

Gaming Mattress

According to its creators, the materials with which it is manufactured Gaming Mattress help to obtain a “uniform distribution of the user’s weight over the entire surface of the mattress, thus promoting comfort”.

“Holds the body firmly and does not sag too much, and a slit structure by original cutting processing”

Bauhutte launched his mattress for gamers in three sizes: single, semi-double and double, with prices ranging between 28,500 yen ($ 5,230 MXN) and 43,500 yen ($ 7,995 MXN).

It should be remembered that Bauhutte is known for selling different products for gamers like pajamas, tables, chairs and even beds.

For users who are interested in Gaming Mattress It is already available in Amazon Japan, in addition to having international shipments.

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