GameMaker Studio 2, produce your own video games from Ubuntu

about gamemaker studio 2

In the following article we are going to take a look at GameMaker Studio 2. If you want to produce your own games without complications, it may be interesting to know GameMaker Studio 2. This program, previously called Animo, Game Maker or GameMaker, is a platform based on an interpreted programming language and a software development kit (SDK) for video game development.

This tool was originally created by Professor Mark Overmars using the Delphi language, and aimed at novice users or users with little programming knowledge. Anyone will be able to create video games, you will not need to learn Java, C ++ or other similar languages. And if you are a more advanced user, you can use some scripts to create your titles. The program is paid, although there is a trial version with many of the important features.

GameMaker Studio 2 It will allow us to create in a very simple way, based on graphic resources, sounds, images, etc., which will be assigned to the objects on which the video game acts., as well as events to describe what action is performed when a key is pressed, the mouse is moved, etc.

GameMaker Studio 2 General Features

gamemaker preferences 2

  • The workspace is optimized so that the user has everything at their fingertips.
  • We can translate the program interface into different languages, among which is Spanish.
  • Gamemaker uses its own programming language called Game Maker Language, mainly influenced by the C language and by Pascal, with which complex video games can be achieved. Although GameMaker is designed for creating 2-dimensional video gamesUsing GML you can get advanced 3D videogames such as FPS.
  • The syntax of programming in GML is very flexible.
  • The program is designed to allow users to easily develop video games without having to learn a programming language. For experienced users Game Maker contains a scripting programming language called Game Maker Language (GML), which allows users to further customize their video games and extend their features.

character development

  • We can use the powerful image editor for creating and editing graphics and sprites.
  • The main interface for developing video games from GameMaker Studio 2 uses a “drag and drop” system, which allows users unfamiliar with traditional programming to intuitively create video games by organizing icons on the screen.
  • GameMaker Studio 2 comes with a set of standard action libraries, which cover things like movement, basic drawing, and simple control of structures.

game options

  • The scrubber that it includes allows you to optimize the performance of your game to the maximum.
  • This program it does not compile the executables of the games, but passes the code through its own interpreter to form the executables of the games. Thus, not very efficient for large projects.

Install GameMaker Studio 2 on Ubuntu, Mint and derivatives

It has to be said that this program has a free option, in addition to two payment options. The free option will allow users to create games using the tutorials they offer.

Anyone who wants to install GameMaker Studio 2 on Ubuntu, Mint and derivatives, and other systems that support .deb files, just need to open a terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T) and verify that your system is 32-bit or 64-bit with the command:

uname -m

If your system is 64 bit, use wget with the following command to download the program. If the link is not updated, users can go to the project website and download the latest version.

download gamemaker studio 2

wget -O gamemakerstudio.deb

Once the download is complete, we can install the program using the command in the same terminal:

gamemaker studio 2 installation

sudo apt install ./gamemakerstudio.deb

When the installation is finished, we can start the program by searching for its shortcut.

program launcher

When it starts, we will see that it will be necessary to log in or register (for free) in order to use this application.

login gamemaker studio 2


If this program does not convince you and you want to uninstall it, in a terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T) it will only be necessary to use the command:

uninstall game maker studio 2

sudo apt remove gamemakerstudio2*; sudo apt autoremove

For more information about this program and how to use it, users can go to the project website or to man page.

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