Galp launches its new digital loyalty program

MADRID, April 22 (2021) –

The loyalty cards they are already part of consumers’ day-to-day lives, but digitization process It is also reaching these types of services, with applications as the main ally. According to the study carried out by Maritz Loyalty Marketing, customers have an average of 7.4 cards in their wallet, something that can be annoying and is leading companies to look for alternatives.

It is the case of Galp, which has launched a new tool, available in ‘application’ and web version, that allows the accumulation of points exchangeable for gifts, social causes and other options. This loyalty program allows users to level up to benefit from greater benefits, depending on the use of the application.

As the company explains, the launch of Galp World responds to new consumer trends, where customers increasingly use digital and technological solutions. It is also part of a transformation process that Galp has been promoting in recent years and that the current situation has accelerated exponentially.

“Mundo Galp offers an innovative user experience, which allows customers who refuel, wash their vehicles or make purchases at service stations to enjoy special offers, gifts or redeem your points in support of social causes, as well as access a wide range of information of interest through an easy-to-use tool ”, details the company.

From now on, Mundo Galp members have three user levels: basic, advanced and premium. A loyalty program that, depending on the use of the ‘app’, allows users are promoted to benefit from greater benefits, such as coupons, discounts or giveaways, among others. In addition, they can get up to 30 euros off fuel for inviting up to ten friends to join the service ‘online’.

In addition, it allows the location of service stations, schedules, prices and the consultation of available products, making Mundo Galp an intuitive and digital space where the user can have everything they need at their fingertips ”, adds the press release . This new tool, available in web and application version, can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store or Google Play.

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