Galaxy S22 Ultra | Samsung bets on computational photography

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra design

In order to compete against Apple’s iPhone 13, Samsung would present its Galaxy S22 Ultra with computational photography

Although it is unknown when the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, some rumors have already emerged that reveal some of the characteristics that these devices will have.

To be able to compete against him iPhone 13, the company would have bet on the computational photography, an interesting bet for users interested in the photographic appearance of cell phones.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Some days ago Samsung would have confirmed that it will continue to use a 108 megapixel main lens with zoom improvements in its new models.

However, through the Twitter account Ice Universe revealed the details of the possible characteristics in the photographic spectrum that the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Among which stands out the computational photography. According to the leak, the Galaxy S22 Ultra will have an improved camera for the main one with 108 Mpx 0.8┬Ám and aperture f / 1.8.

This is a small improvement to the ISOCELL HM3, which has been featured in the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

“The secondary sensor would be signed by Sony and would be 12 megapixels, it would be intended to be an ultra wide angle. The focal aperture of this sensor would be f / 2.2 so it would be expected to work well even in low light situations “

Sony would also sign the following two sensors, both being intended for optical zoom and with 10 megapixels of resolution.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra computational photography

An example of the use of computational photography Google gives it with its Pixel. Since it is possible to offer great photographs without the need for a large lens.

It is expected that Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra arrive during the first quarter of 2022. It should be noted that so far this information is a rumor so it is unknown if these devices will arrive with computational photography.


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