Galaxy S21 FE | Samsung could suspend the launch of its mobile


Due to the shortage of chips, the presentation of the Galaxy S21 FE is in danger as Samsung has suspended its production

For several months there has been talk about the difficulty that some companies will have in presenting their new devices, Due to the chip shortage.

This situation would have affected Samsung and the presentation of the new member of your family Galaxy. According to a report, the company suspended the production of the Galaxy S21 FE (fan edition).

Galaxy S21 FE

The ETNews medium ensures that the device will not arrive during the summer as planned. The decision would obey the global chip shortage.

This problem is causing a rise in the price of semiconductors, as well as delays in the launch of hundreds of products.

Some reports indicate that Samsung It has a limited stock of Qualcomm processors, but they would be destined for its folding mobiles.

It is estimated that in August the company will launch its new Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the second generation of its Galaxy Z Flip mobile.

So far it is unknown whether the suspension of the production of the Galaxy S21 FE it is temporary, if there will only be a delay in its launch or if it is final.

It should be remembered that it is a range that retains great specifications, but at a lower price than its Samsung Galaxy S21.

Samsung says there is nothing definitive

After the report published in the ETNews media, Samsung responded by assuring that he has not yet made a decision regarding the production of his Galaxy S21 FE.


“Although we cannot discuss the details of an unreleased product, nothing has been determined regarding the alleged suspension of production,” the company revealed to Bloomberg.

They do not mention it directly by name, but as it is a response to the original leak, it is a fact that it refers to that model

According to some rumors the Galaxy S21 FE It would have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, a 120 Hz screen and a 12-megapixel triple camera.

To differentiate it with its Samsung Galaxy S21, it would have a different design and secondary lenses.

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