Fuchsia OS | Google’s operating system that could replace Android


After five years of development, Fuchsia OS will begin to arrive at the first generation Nest Hubs that were launched in 2018

Since 2016 Google has worked to develop his own operating system that could replace Chrome OS Y Android,

Fuchsia OS will start arriving at Nest Hub of the first generation that were launched in 2018. This system is an Open Source project and although it has been in development for a long time, some of its details are unknown.

Nest Hub

Reports indicate that Zircon is the core of this operating system, which is free and open source software. For the moment Fuchsia OS arrives to replace the operating system Cast OS based on Linux.

“Users will have the same experience they have had with that system, thanks to the support of Flutter, which is designed to take applications to multiple platforms”

The launch of the new operating system was reported by 9to5Google and was later confirmed on Twitter by Petr Hosek, one of those in charge of Fuchsia OS.

“Not every day you launch a new operating system, but today is that day”


The update is expected to be implemented in the coming months Fuchsia OS. The first computers to receive this operating system are those that are part of the Preview Program.

Experts detail that users may not be able to notice the change as the interface and user experience will remain the same.

“It is possible that this operating system will be used in the future in mobile phones, home automation equipment and laptops”

Since the development of Fuchsia OS, rumors have emerged that it could replace Android. For the moment Google has indicated that they do not intend to leave their system, but they have not denied that it can reach their mobiles.

Currently the new operating system of Google It is intended for the smart home, although its launch route is unknown.

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