Franco Canseco, a 13-year-old Mexican who will present his product at CES 2022

From the age of 10, Franco Canseco He has distinguished himself among his friends for being the most creative, innovative and enthusiastic about technology. At his young age, he already had the intention of reviving dinosaurs as in Jurassic world, an idea that did not materialize, but that motivated him not to give up until he managed to create an object that will help people to fall asleep. An innovative project that will be presenting at the CES 2022!

It’s about the Neutonic Band, a product that relaxes the mind and body of people so that they can rest the recommended eight hours of sleep. It was an idea that the same Franco Canseco he suffered from insomnia at the age of seven.

“I have a lot of trouble sleeping and one day it occurred to me that I could make something up so I wouldn’t. However, I did a lot of research to find out if it was important to sleep or if my mind was fine and I realized that I could not invent something to not sleep, rather I had to create something to make it better. “

Franco Canseco, Mexican boy presenting the Neutonic Band, an invention to help people fall asleep - Hola Telcel blog

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How does the Banda Neutónica de Franco Canseco work?

The Neutonic Band is a smart device capable of helping people relax without taking medication. It is an elastic that users wear for between 8 to 16 minutes so that the four elements of the band do their job and allow people to reach a point of relaxation, and then fall asleep.

The operation of the Neutonic Band it is thanks to artificial alpha waves with electromagnetic pulsations, four tourmaline stones and headphones that play relaxing music. A project that, if successful and accepted in the CES 2022, It could help the 45% of the population in Mexico who have poor quality of sleep.

Banda Neutónica, to help people fall asleep, among one of the most innovative products of CES 2022.- Blog Hola Telcel

Mexico, proud of Franco Canseco’s talent and ingenuity

Be in the CES 2022 It is not something simple, which is why Franco Canseco At just 13 years old, he has become a Mexican idol. Your project will participate in the Eureka Park, section dedicated to startups of CES 2022, in which a committee will evaluate the Neutonic Band and from there it will take a course to become a reality around the world.

“I hope to make the band known in the United States. I feel very prepared and excited to participate in the CES, that more people know about this invention, I cannot predict the future and I do not know if I will achieve something at the fair, but we hope to help more people to sleep ”, Franco Canseco expressed.

Franco Canseco at the presentation of CES 2022 in Las Vegas - Hello Telcel blog
Photo: Instagram @ canseco.franco

From Shark Tank Mexico to CES 2022!

Franco Canseco’s journey as an entrepreneur began at the age of seven, winning the “Ideas Made in Mexico” children’s entrepreneurship contest. Some time later, in 2019, Franco and Erika, his mother and partner, presented their product to the five sharks of Shark Tank Mexico: Rodrigo Herrera, Arturo Elías Ayub, Patricia Armendariz, Carlos Bremer and Marcus Dantus.

The big surprise was that the five were amazed by the idea and all agreed to be partners and investors in the project, investing 2.5 million pesos for 40% of the small company. In February 2021 the official sale of the Neutonic Band began in Mexico and today it is one of the most innovative projects of CES 2022.

Franco Canseco and his mother presenting the Banda Neutónica in Shark Tank México, 2019.- Blog Hola Telcel

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Best of all, this is just Franco’s first project, as he assures that he has a notebook with many more ideas. Will Franco be Mexico’s new great businessman?

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