France fines Google and Facebook for the improper use of their cookies

Google and Facebook

France fined the companies Google and Facebook with 150 and 60 million euros respectively because of the misuse of their cookies

Last Thursday it was announced that France had fined the companies Google and Facebook with 150 and 60 million euros respectively. Because of improper use of your cookies.

According to the National Commission for Informatics and Freedoms (CNIL), France’s regulator, the tech giants had violated the Privacy rules of the European Union.

And is that Google and Facebook had not allowed users to easily reject the cookies as established by the privacy rules of the EU.

Google and Facebook fine

According to the reports, the fines would have been applied to Google’s operations in the United States and Ireland (90 million euros and 60 million euros respectively). And to the Irish branch of Facebook.

The amounts were the result of the high number of people affected and the benefits they obtained from the targeted advertising.

However, the fines for the company could be higher if the tech giants they don’t change their policies within three months.

And it was highlighted that Google and Facebook They could receive daily fines of 100,000 euros if they don’t change their cookie practices.

The CNIL ordered Google and Facebook to provide an easy way to reject computer trackers. That they use for advertising purposes with the aim of guaranteeing people’s freedom.

France Google and Facebook

Following the decision of France, a Facebook spokesperson said that they have already evaluated the decision and were open to working with the authorities.

Meta even pointed out that users are increasingly being given more control over their data, in this way they can make better decisions.

For its part, Google stressed that they are committed to protecting the trust of users. So they are making the corresponding changes to ensure the safety of people.

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