Four Xiaomi Bluetooth thermometers on sale now for only 11 euros

The specific model of each of the elements that make up this set is as follows: Xiaomi Bluetooth Thermometer 2. When using wireless technology To communicate with mobile devices, such as phones and tablets (whether iOS or Android), they allow you to establish a history of what the temperature is like in each place where you have placed each of the accessories we are talking about. It is important to comment that the dimensions of this product are reduced, they are the following: 0.43 x 0.43 x 0.13 cm. This allows them to be placed in practically any place and not out of tune in what has to do with the design, since its square shape allows it.

Xiaomi Bluetooth Thermometer 2 thermometer in white

These Xiaomi Bluetooth thermometers have the virtue of being able to be placed on top of a table and, also, be hanging on the wall, since they include all the necessary elements for it. In what has to do with the precision of the data it shows, it must be said that this is quite precise, since they recognize changes in temperature 0.1 degrees and, in the case of humidity, the sensitivity is 1%. Therefore, they are more than enough devices to use in homes to be quite clear if you have to put the heat pump or the air conditioning or not

Offer for these Xiaomi Bluetooth thermometers

Without having to leave home you can buy the set of four thermometers that we are talking about at a quite striking price, since you only have to pay 11.88 euros to place the order, which is a 64% discount. With a great ease of use and there is a free application to manage everything that has to do with these accessories, we leave you the link that you must use to place the order where you only have to pay € 2.54 in relation to shipping costs.

Details of the Xiaomi Bluetooth Thermometer 2

One that is essential in these types of products is that the monochrome screen that they include looks perfectly in any viewing angle, showing with very large numbers both the temperature that exists in the place where they are placed and the relative humidity. Therefore, you will not have any doubts about the information they show. A curious detail is that there is a small section in which you can see if the combination of the two previous data is positive, as it shows either a smiling face or, failing that, a worried one.

Xiaomi Bluetooth Thermometer 2 on a table

If you wonder about the energy consumed by these Xiaomi Bluetooth thermometers that make homes more intelligent, it must be said that with the use of the battery what is inside (and that can be changed) there is more than enough to be able to use this accessory for a full year. A positive and quite respectable figure.

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