Folding electric bike and good autonomy for only 422.50 euros

If you are tired of enduring long traffic jams or going totally crowded in public transport every day, then surely you are considering buying one electric bicycle that allows you to go to work or study every day in total comfort. And is that today, urban mobility has evolved a lot and every day there are more who move daily with this type of electric vehicles. Today we can find all kinds of electric bicycles, their main uses being sports and urban mobility. In the latter case, most models usually have a compact and foldable size, which allows us to easily save them anywhere. If you are doubting whether to buy one or not, surely you will not be able to resist with this offer that we show you below.

Electric bike at an incredible price

It is a electric bike with 250W motor It has a folding frame that allows us to fold it in just a few seconds and that we can store or place without taking up a lot of space. The model in question is the DOHIKER KRE16, a bicycle with a size of 16 inch wheels that allows you to adjust both the handlebar and the seat in height to find the perfect driving position and whose official price is 532.35 euros.

Dohiker KRE1616 Electric Bike

A fairly adjusted price if we take into account its quality and equipment, but at the moment it has been reduced to 422.50 euros, which makes the offer even more attractive. This is thanks to the 21% discount applied to this model in Gearbest, which also offers free shipping to our country.

Great power and comfort for day to day

It is a model equipped with a 250 W power motor with 6 speed transmission that allows us to adapt our pedaling and assisted assistance to all types of terrain and daily needs of our trips. An electric bicycle that allows you to reach the 25 km / h and that it is equipped with a lithium-ion battery of 36 V and 7.5 Ah that allows it to travelr up to 30 km on a single charge. A more than acceptable distance if we do not have to go very far to work or study every day, although if our routes are longer, then we will have to choose one of the models of electric bicycles with greater autonomy.

Dohiker folding electric bike

Its structure allows a load capacity of up to 90 kg and has a degree of IP54 waterproof, so we can circulate with it even if it rains lightly. As far as safety is concerned, this DOHIKER KRE16 electric bike is equipped with a double system of disc brakes, both front and rear and bright LED headlight that allows us to illuminate the road when driving at night.

The dimensions of this DOHIKER KRE16 bike are 138 cm in length, the maximum height of the saddle and the handlebar are 105 and 113 cm respectively and it has a net weight of 21 kg. Now, when we fold it, its dimensions are reduced to 78 x 42 x 64 cm.

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