Foldable iPhone could arrive in 3 years

foldable iPhone

After an Apple patent on a foldable iPhone was revealed, it was now highlighted that it could take three years to launch.

A week ago the Patently website revealed a patent that would show a foldable iPhone. For several months the rumor emerged that Manzana I would be working on such a model.

According to the first reports, this team would have the portfolio style. Thus the mark of Cupertino it could compete with other brands like Samsung, Motorola, Oppo or Xiaomi.

The document shows some details of what could be the first foldable iPhone. However, it should be noted that at the moment there is no established date since trademarks usually register patents and many of them do not reach the market.

Apple patent

Apple patent 2

Apple could launch its foldable phone in three years

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo revealed that the foldable iPhone it could come in three years. According to the renowned specialist, the telephone number Manzana would arrive in 2023.

Ming-Chi Kuo further stressed that the foldable iPhone it would have a flexible 8-inch screen with a QHD + resolution.

To this information is added that presented by journalist Mark Gurman who explained that Manzana if you are actively working on making your flip phone.

Apple foldable iPhone

In fact, he confirmed that he already has a working prototype. However, he agreed that it could take a couple of years before a foldable iPhone.

“Apple will eventually, but it will take at least 2-3 years. Personally I think that for me and for many others an iPhone with a large and expandable screen would be the perfect equipment “

For its part, Bloomberg highlighted that Manzana is working on his foldable iPhone from 2021, it would even have several screen prototypes. One of them could be developed by LG Display.

One of the problems companies are facing is that several problems involving folding screens have yet to be solved.

It should be noted that it would not be the first time Manzana launch a new team after several marks, as the same happened with his Apple watch and it has become one of the best-selling devices.

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