Fluent Reader, a very attractive multiplatform RSS reader

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In the next article we are going to take a look at Fluent Reader. This is a very attractive multiplatform RSS reader with which we can stay informed from the desktop. The program is created with Electron and React and is released under the BSD clause license.

This RSS reader offers users a nice interface. In addition, among its characteristics, users can find the possibility of adding feeds one by one, but we can also use an OPML file to import a list of them. We will also find the ability to be able to configure each feed so that the content is displayed as text in Fluent Reader, or so that each news is opened directly in the browser default of our system.

General features of Fluent Reader

fluent reader working

Among the features that can be found in Fluent Reader can be highlighted:

  • A modern user interface, inspired by Fluent Design System, which also offers full compatibility with dark mode.
  • Will allow us read locally, sync with Feedbin or self-hosted services that support Fever API.

add source fluent reader

  • We will find the options of import or export of OPML files, backup and restore of full application data.
  • The program will allow us read the full content with the built-in article view, or we can also load the web pages to which the news refers.

noiticia from fluent reader

  • We will also have the possibility of search for articles, using regular expressions or filtering by reading status.
  • Will allow us organize subscriptions.
  • This RSS reader can be configured as a tile or list display. It will also allow us to save all the configurations to restore them if necessary.

news list

  • We can make use of keyboard shortcuts, so that working with this program is easier and faster.
  • In addition, the program will allow us to hide, mark as read or highlight articles automatically, as they arrive using regular expressions.

These are just some of the features of the program. Can be consult all of them in detail from the page on GitHub of the project.

Install Fluent Reader on Ubuntu

For those who are interested in being able to install this RSS reader on their system, in Ubuntu they can do it very easily. In this system, the installation of Fluent can be done in 3 ways, although In addition to the installation options that we are going to see below, there is also the possibility of compiling the source code.

As flatpak

The first option to install Fluent Reader in Ubuntu will be through its corresponding package Flatpak. To install by this method, it is necessary to have support for this technology in our system. If you use Ubuntu 20.04 and you still do not have it, you can follow the guide that a colleague wrote in this same blog a while ago.

To launch the installing Fluent as a Flatpak packageAll you have to do is open a terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T) and execute the command in it:

install app like flatpak

flatpak install flathub me.hyliu.fluentreader

After installation, we can search for the program launcher on our computer, or write the following command in the terminal to start the program:

fluent reader launcher

flatpak run me.hyliu.fluentreader


For remove the flatpak package from this program, we will only need to open a terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T) and execute the command:

uninstall flatpak

flatpak uninstall me.hyliu.fluentreader

How to snap

Another quick and easy way to install this program in Ubuntu will be using the corresponding snap package. In order to continue with this installation, just open a terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T) and execute the following command in it:

install fluent reader snap

sudo snap install fluent-reader --beta


For remove installed program as snap package, in a terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T) we will only need to use the command:

uninstall snap

sudo snap remove fluent-reader

As AppImage

The last option that we are going to see is to download the AppImage package of the application, then we will have to give execution permissions to the downloaded file and we will be able to launch Fluent on our system. To obtain the latest version of the AppImage package, we must go to the releases page of the project.

If instead of using the web browser you prefer to use the terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T) to download the latest version of the program published today, you only need to use the wget tool as follows:

download fluent reader appimage

wget https://github.com/yang991178/fluent-reader/releases/download/v0.9.1-beta/Fluent.Reader.0.9.1.AppImage

Once the download is finished, we only have give execute permission with this other command:

sudo chmod +x Fluent.Reader.0.9.1.AppImage

At this point, to launch the application, we only need double-click on the file or execute the command in the terminal:

launch appimage


Users who want to know more about this program can also consult the project website.

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