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about flb music

In the next article we are going to take a look at FLB Music. Nowadays, in Gnu / Linux, users can find a great and good variety of music players, and every day more and more continue to appear with more or less luck. FLB Music is one of them. It is written in TypeScript using Vue.js, which is a front-end JavaScript framework for building user interfaces and applications.

When you start the program, it is advertised as a ‘beautiful functional music player‘. Its interface looks great and is quite intuitive. The software will allow us to organize our music by artists, albums, folders and it is also compatible with playlists. The panel on the right will allow us to modify the current playback queue and show the lyrics of the song that is being played. FLB Music will also make it possible to watch videos or download from YouTube and Deezer.

General characteristics of FLB Music

program settings

  • The program interface It’s only available in English.
  • It has to be said that FLB Music consumes a lot of memory, especially if you compare it with other music players.
  • Will allow us organize music by artists, albums, folders, and playlists.
  • Look for the lyrics of the songs that sound, and if you are lucky it will show it to you on the right side of the screen.
  • Count with one tag editor.
  • We will also find the option of automatically download artist images, or use those that we have saved on our computer.

youtube search

  • We will have the ability to search, play and download music from Deezer and YouTube. Although I have to say that while I have tested this player, downloading and playback don’t always work.
  • The program will automatically generate mixes based on what you hear.

playing youtube video

  • We can pass the player to mini mode.
  • We will have the possibility to indicate multiple music directories for our library.
  • There is a separate section that shows the most played tracks, offering us the possibility of reproducing that mix.
  • Dispose of different topics. We will be able to choose between the “Fancy dancy” (the default), “Fake black”, “Utter Black” and Eye Killer.

playing local music

  • It has a equalizer.
  • In the options we will have the possibility to set default tab (Home, Tracks, Playlists, Artists, Albums, or Folders).
  • We will also find available the option of enable or disable notifications.

Install FLB Music on Ubuntu

The project developer offers a snap package and another AppImage. I have to say that on my Ubuntu 20.04 system, both possibilities show a little problem when installing them.

By snap

As I was saying, for this example I am using Ubuntu 20.04, and you can install the snap pack opening a terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T) and executing the command in it:

install flb music snap

sudo snap install flbmusic

When starting this program using its launcher, nothing happened. If you write the following command in the terminal, in my case an error appeared like the one seen in the following screenshot:

error launching snap package


This can be solve by creating a directory with this other command:

mkdir -p ~/snap/flbmusic/2/Music/FLBing

And then we can start the program again with better results.

flbmusic launcher


For remove snap package of this program, in a terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T) it will only be necessary to write:

uninstall flb music

sudo snap remove flbmusic

Use as AppImage

AppImage packages are a universal software format for distributing software on Gnu / Linux. The package AppImage doesn’t really install software. They are a compressed image with all the dependencies and libraries necessary to run the desired software.

To download the AppImage file, users we will only have to go to the releases page on GitHub with the web browser, or you can also open a terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T) and run in it wget as follows:

download appimage flbmusic

wget https://github.com/Patrick-web/FLB-Music-Player-Official/releases/download/v1.1.7/FLB-Music-1.1.7.AppImage

Once the package is downloaded, we need make it executable. We can achieve this with the command:

chmod u+x FLB-Music-1.1.7-AppImage

At this point, to launch the app, all you have to do is double-click the mouse or use the command:

appimage error


This can cause an error like the one shown in the above screenshot above to appear. In order to solve it, it is only necessary to write in the terminal:

mkdir -p ~/Music/FLBing

After this, if we start the program again, it should start working without problem.

It must be said that this music player, although it looks very good, in terms of functions still has to improve. While I have tried it I found some problems, like when adding the folders of the music library, sometimes it does not work. In addition, when you want to play videos from YouTube or Deezer it also shows errors on some occasions. And these are not the only problems you may encounter when using this player.

It only remains to say that this, although this is a beautiful music player, still has a lot to do to become a real alternative for use. But as is often the case with software, it is worth knowing about its existence and being aware of future updates, since despite the problems it can cause, the program promises. It can know more about this project in your GitHub repository.

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