Five good-quality, discounted Bluetooth speakers

If you are still one of those who does not have a bluetooth speaker, do not move because this interests you. Also, if it’s not for you, you may have a gift to make soon, as Mother’s Day is about to arrive. A bluetooth speaker is a great option, Since they are usually affordable in price, they can be taken anywhere and offer very good sound quality. For that reason we have selected a few options that you will love, since all of them are discounted at the moment.

The universe of bluetooth speakers is huge, for that reason we must take a good look and take into account several factors. However, our goal today has been to bring you five options with good quality / price ratio and that are also discounted right now (maybe not tomorrow).


We are facing a safe option. The JBL Go 2 is small but bully, Rugged, built-in noise-canceling speakerphone is optimal for clearer calls. It is also available in a huge number of colors. Its price is 23.86 euros right now.


30W AY Speaker

With the power of some sound bars, it is impossible to miss the offer of this 30W AY speaker. The resistant to almost everything including water and drops and also has a Bluetooth 5.0 connection to maintain a stable connection at a distance of up to 15 meters. It has a huge battery that allows you to listen to up to 24 hours of music. Its price falls from 50 euros to 35 euros the ones we meet right now.

30W Portable Bluetooth 5.0 AY Speaker

XLEADE, design by flag

Spectacular design with this SoundAngel A8 speaker, which has touch controls, with which you can easily change the songs and the volume control and take calls. In addition to its small size, features 3D digital audio, 40mm 5W driver, with subwoofer resonator. Its playback time on a single charge is estimated between 10-12 hours. Thanks to its discount, it is currently priced at 18.99 euros.

XLEADER SoundAngel A8

Xiaomi XMYX02

Xiaomi also has something to say in this list, with its dust, shock and water proof XMYX02JY speaker. It has powerful, clear audio with deep, full bass. It also promises 8 hours of playback thanks to its 2,600 mAh battery. Its price at the moment is 30.97 euros.

speaker Xiaomi XMYX02JY

Jeaper Y3 Bluetooth Speaker

We conclude the list with our latest speaker on sale. In that case, you have power to spare thanks to a large 10W 28-core dual-driver HIFI subwoofer. In this way it is capable of providing full spectrum audio with a bass effect of 85 dB, and clarity at any listening level, strong bass and sound wrapped in 360 degrees. We are talking about a product resistant to water and dust, so it is specially designed for outdoor use. It has a price of 16.74 euros right now.

Jeaper Y3 Bluetooth Speaker

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