Fitbit Versa smartwatch with GPS at half price

The truth is that if you have already done a search on the Internet, you will have seen a lot of models from different manufacturers at all kinds of prices. However, now it is possible to get this model from one of the leading manufacturers in the world of wearables at an irresistible discount.

Fitbit Versa at a great discount

We refer to Fitbit Versa, a very complete smartwatch that we can now get at a great discount. Its original price is 149 euros, but thanks to the discount applied at the moment it is possible to buy it almost at half price. Yes, you heard correctly the discount is almost 50%, which represents a saving of 70 euros.

smartwatch fitbit versa side

Therefore, the final price of this Fitbit Versa smartwatch is so only 79 euros. In addition to this discount, the offer includes free shipping and a delivery time of about three days, so in a few hours you can start enjoying the watch and control all your workouts and physical activity down to the smallest detail.

Very complete and quality smartwatch

The Fitbit Versa has a 1.34 inch screen where we can comfortably consult all the data that it provides us. A model that integrates GPS to be able to show information in real time about our training, current speed, distance, time, route, etc.

It also performs continuous heart rate monitoring to better control calories burned and exertion. When we are asleep, the Fitbit Versa is able to monitor our sleep in all its phases and show us certain tips to improve our rest.

smartwatch fitbit versa front

Inside it has enough space to store more than 300 songs and that he can accompany us while we train. How could it be otherwise, on the Fitbit Versa screen we can have all the notifications from our mobile phone, SMS, WhatsApp messages, email, etc.

The model on offer has a black case and is equipped with a high-quality white silicone strap with a black buckle for the closure as well as the case. Either way, later we can customize the watch to our liking with one of the many straps compatible with the Fitbit Versa that we can find at a very affordable price. In this way, we can turn the smartwatch into the ideal complement regardless of whether we are going to play sports, go to work or attend an event.

Last but not least, it should be noted that the Fitbit Versa has NFC technology, which allows us to make payments from the clock itself in stores, restaurants, etc. And without having to take out the card at any time.

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