Fitbit Versa smartwatch with a good offer: 48 euros discount

There are quite a few virtues that this wearable has, since among other things it has a large number of sensors and internal elements that ensure that daily physical activity is measured with great precision. Some examples of what we say is that it does not lack a accelerometer Three-axis device that detects movement with precision and the heart rate itself, which allows to know the third physical state up to the quality of daily sleep (it even has an altimeter). It should be noted that this smart watch has GPS integrated, allowing it to be used independently without always having to carry the phone with you.

Fitbit Versa smartwatch silver

A detail that is usually quite important in this type of accessories and the Fitbit Versa smartwatch is no exception, it is everything that has to do with autonomy. Thanks to the inclusion of a well-dimensioned hardware that offers power while being very demanding energetically speaking (an example is its screen), since the battery charge is good enough, it can reach the four days of regular use without the slightest problem. An excellent brand.

Take advantage of the offer for this smart watch

The existing proportion that the purchase from wearable is an option that you must take into account, assistant reaches the 24%. This means that you only have to pay 150.40 euros, which is a price that we believe is very good for a very complete accessory and that does not lack a fairly large color screen and that does not offer any problem now to view it outdoors. We leave you the purchase link in the eBay store where right now you do not have to pay anything for shipping costs.

Important things about the Fitbit Versa smartwatch

One of them is that you will not have problems what has to do with compatibility, since it uses technology Bluetooth (And to keep things very simple, it also includes an NFC chip). In this way you will be able to use it both with iOS phones and those that use the Android operating system, which means that practically 100% of the smartphones on the market can be synchronized with this accessory. With the possibility of changing the strap of the Fitbit Versa, it is important to note that this product has a weight below 100 grams.

Fitbit smartwatch screen

Finally, it is important to indicate that this Fitbit Versa smartwatch has protection against water IP68, so you will not have problems when taking it to the gym both when doing the training circuit and in the shower. It is also important to know that you can manage notifications that arrive at the synchronized phone and in this way know who is sending you a message or what contact is the one who is calling you by phone. Many good options.

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