Fitbit Smartband on offer at its best price: only 59.95 euros

The model we are talking about is one that has screen in which you can see all the information handled by the accessory, such as the time it is or the messages that arrive at the phones with which it is synchronized (for this, by the way, it uses technology Bluetooth so its compatibility is excellent with both iOS and Android). A good detail about this model is that its weight is only 20 grams, so it is hardly noticeable that it is being worn.

Fitbit Inspire HR Smartband Black

Among the features that must be highlighted of this Fitbit smartband on offer is its autonomy, since with only one charge it allows you to use up to five days (with their respective nights, so if you go on a weekend trip you won’t have to take your charger with you, which is always very positive). If you wonder about the number of sensors that are included in this wearable, the truth is that there are all that can be searched, since it does not lack the heart rate and, neither, a three axis accelerometer. This, combined with a gyroscope and a compass, allows its accuracy to be superior to many similarly priced models on the market today.

Good resistance on this Fitbit Inspire HR

This model does not lack anything here, since for example the screen includes a finish that ensures that it does not suffer much in the day to day, withstanding without problems the falls that are not from very high heights. In addition, it does not lack protection against water up to 50 meters, so this model is not affected by sweat and you can even wear it when you swim in the pool. The fact is that you can forget about problems in this model that belongs to one of the best smartband manufacturers that exist today.

Exercising with the Fitbit Inspire HR smartband

A big discount for this Fitbit smartband on sale

Right now there is a discount at Amazon that we believe you should not miss if you are looking for a wearable accessory of this type. Specifically it is a twenty%, which means that you only have to pay 59.95 euros to have this model at home (since you do not have to pay anything for shipping costs if you have a Prime account). In our opinion, quite a bargain. We leave the link that you have to use for this device that has a very attractive design and that allows the changing straps to give it a new look if you wish.

It should be noted that this Fitbit smartband on sale allows recognize automatically up to 15 different kinds of sports, and is capable of continuously monitoring the heart rate to always have the most accurate information possible on the exercise carried out on a day-to-day basis. It is even capable of showing the sleep quality, something that is increasingly demanded by users.

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