Fitbit Sense smartwatch on offer with 65 euros of savings

It is a smartwatch with 1.58 inch color touch screen and a resolution of 336 × 336 pixels. An AMOLED screen that offers a great visualization of all the data even in bright sunlight and that also has the function Always on, which means that it is always on and we can see the information without having to touch it, a button or make a turn of the wrist.

Very very complete smartwatch

The Fitbit Sense is a watch that has GPS for greater precision when recording our outdoor exercise, speed in real time, route, distance, time, etc. It has different sports profiles, is compatible with iOS and Android and has connectivity Bluetooth, WiFi and NFC.

Smartwatch Fitbt sense frontal

A model that has a good number of sensors to control the stress, detect the electrodermal activity, ECG application to be able to perform a electrocardiogram and analyze the functioning of our heart (available only in some countries), skin temperature sensor, monitoring of the dream, etc.

A device with a lot of options for the control of certain aspects of our health, although they are merely informative data that we should not take as a real diagnosis. For this, we will always have to go to a specialist doctor.

The Fitbit Sense has water resistance, being submersible up to 50 meters, it is also capable of measuring the heart rate in real time and has support for the Google and Alexa. Therefore, we can ask Alexa to tell us what the latest news is, what the weather is going to be or how the traffic is, for example. The exact dimensions are 1.05 x 4.05 x 1.24 cm and it weighs just 30 grams.

Fitbit Sense on sale with a 20% discount

The price of this Fitbit Sense with a stainless steel and graphite case is 329.95 euros, however, thanks to the offer that we currently find on Amazon, it is possible save almost 65 euros on your purchase. And is that the online shopping giant has applied 20% on this model, which allows you to buy it at a final price of 264.99 euros. The model on offer has a black silicone strap, but we can always use the multiple straps compatible with the Fitbit Sense to customize the watch to our liking.

smartwatch fitbit sense lateral

The product is sold and shipped directly by Amazon, so it offers an almost immediate delivery time. Amazon Prime customers can receive it at home completely free of charge, while any buyer can choose to postpone payment for this watch thanks to Amazon’s financing service, which allows paying it in four installments for 90 days without any interest rate.

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