First with HarmonyOS and interchangeable mounts

Huawei Eyewear

In addition to its folding phone, Huawei surprised by presenting its first lenses connected with HarmonyOS and interchangeable frames, the Huawei Eyewear

Before the end of the year Huawei surprised by introducing new devices, such is the case of the Huawei Eyewear, glasses that arrive with HarmonyOS and mounts interchangeable.

The company’s first lenses are presented with great connectivity innovations thanks to the company’s operating system. It is also splash resistant, with IPX4 resistance.

These third-generation glasses offer connectivity with other devices in the ecosystem Huawei and control by gestures from the glasses itself.

Huawei Eyewear Two

On the right rod of the Huawei Eyewear They have a haptic surface where we can double-tap or slide to access the different functions.

One of the great novelties that the Huawei Eyewear presents are their interchangeable mounts, which allows users to adapt them according to their look of the moment.

“The frames range from pasta, to air, complete or you can add dark crystals to take care of the sun”

Huawei Eyewear Models

At the moment the Huawei Eyewear They do not present great news in terms of augmented reality, but it is expected that the next versions will have better options.

The huawei smart glasses They have bone conduction headphones for voice commands. This means that only the user will be able to listen and the other people will not.

Through the glasses you can receive indications of information that is linked to the mobile. Such as the weather, pending events, information on upcoming flights, answering calls or reading and sending messages.

For the ones Huawei Eyewear work, it is necessary that the “smartphone has a minimum of EMUI 10 or higher, bluetooth 5.2 and have a USB C port to recharge the battery”.

Huawei Eyewear System

Huawei’s glasses would weigh 38.8 grams. Its price in China is 1,699 yuan, the equivalent in Mexican pesos of 5,500. At the moment there are 6 interchangeable mounts, but it is not ruled out that there may soon be more.

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