First meteor shower of 2022: how and at what time to see it in Mexico

We start the year with one of the most beautiful natural spectacles in astronomy. The 2022 opens with the rain of stars caused by quadrantids. The event will be observable thanks to the favorable lighting conditions derived from the Moon in new phase.

What is a Quadrantid?

It is called Quadrantid to the high intensity meteor shower related to the asteroid 2003 EH, which has a 5.5-year orbit around the Sun. Name Quadrantid comes from the missing constellation Quadrans Muralis and it is believed that he was the comet C / 1490 Y1 that astronomers from the Asian continent sighted more than 500 years ago.

Starfall 2022, celestial vault meteors.-Blog Hello Telcel.

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How and at what time to see the meteor shower in Mexico?

The National Institute of Astrophysics, Optics and Electronics (INAOE) from Mexico commented that the phenomenon will be visible from January 3 to 16, at which time the natural phenomenon is expected to end. And although at various times in the morning you could get to see the beauty of the meteor shower, experts recommend being vigilant at 2:00 am in these first days of January.

On the other hand, POT announced that it will not be necessary to have a telescope or binoculars, nor to seek to position ourselves in high places to be able to see the meteor shower.

Man observing the first shower of stars 2022.-Blog Hola Telcel

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He directs his gaze towards El Boyero

The INAOE recommends finding the radiant point located in the constellation of the Boyero in the northeast of the celestial vault. To achieve a spectacular view you can use space observation applications such as SkyView (IOS) or SkySafari (Android), and even enter the website of the INAOE to make it easier for you to see the grouping of stars.

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