Firefox is experimenting with Bing as a search engine and the Safepal plugin turned out to be malicious

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Firefox has undoubtedly become the only alternative existing in the web browser market and even though there is also Apple’s web browser, it does not cover a market share that is too important to be considered as an option, in addition to the fact that Firefox is basically available for any platform.

Talso in terms of search engines, as many of us will know Google is still number one and it is not for nothing, since it is basically the default search engine in Chrome, Chromium and many of the browsers derived from these, except for the change that some of them make.

And it is not surprising that this search engine is also used in Firefox, since it is also one of the main sources of financing for the browser, although this small niche has also gradually become extinct, which is why Mozilla has been exploring various markets for a long time to be able to finance itself.

And is that speaking of it in the different changes and actions that you have been making Mozilla, this unveiled a few days ago its quarterly report in which among all the news that one of them gave us is quite interesting, since Mozilla aeYou are experimenting with converting 1% of Firefox users to Microsoft’s default search engine “Bing.”

The experiment began on September 6 and will run until the end of January 2022. For users who are interested in participating in Mozilla experiments, they can do so from the “about: studies” page. For users who prefer other search engines, the settings retain the ability to choose a search engine to their liking.

And it is that we must remember that the compilation in English of Firefox, Google is offered by default, while for the compilation of the browser in Russian and in Turkish Yandex is offered as default and in compilations for China, Baidu.

As many of you will know, default search engines have referral royalty contracts, which generate most of Mozilla’s revenue. For example, in 2019, Mozilla’s revenue from search engine collaboration was 88%. An agreement with Google to transfer search traffic generates about $ 400 million a year. In 2020, this agreement was extended until August 2023, but further cooperation is in question, so Mozilla is paving the way to change the main search partner.

On the other hand, another of the news that was released recently related to Firefox is in the Firefox Add-ons Directory (AMO) in which a malicious Safepal Wallet plug-in was identified, which was intended to be an official complement to the Safepal crypto wallet, but in fact carried out the theft of the user’s funds after entering the account data.

The layout and description are designed like the Safepal mobile app.

The plugin was published in the directory 7 months ago, but it only had 95 users. The checks used in the AMO catalog did not reveal any malicious activity, and the catalog administrators only became aware of the problem after one of the plugin’s users reported a fraudulent transfer of their $ 4,000 account. Notably, in comments on the companion page three months and a month ago, other victims posted messages warning that the program was stealing funds.

After installing this extension and logging in with my credentials, it didn’t work. 8 hours later I checked if my funds were still saved in my phone software wallet also from Safepal I did not see anything $ 0, – balance I was in shock I saw my last transactions and saw that my amusements ($ 4000, -) they were transferred to another wallet.

Finally if you are interested in knowing more about it About the experiment note with the Bing engine, you can check the details in the following link.

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