Firefox 97

Mozilla released today Firefox 97. When I talk about the latest versions of Chrome, I usually say that they are adding few new features, and the bad news is that it seems that the browser that is installed by default in most Linux distributions could follow the same trend (v96 did not). . If we go to release notes From Firefox 97, the only thing that appears in the “New” section is a change, and it is not even available for all operating systems.

That novelty is that Firefox 97 supports and displays the new style of Windows 11 scroll bars. Therefore, it is no longer that this novelty is only for Windows users, but for the minority that has already updated to the 11th version. Be that as it may, the official list of news is as follows.

What’s new in Firefox 97

  • Firefox now supports and displays the new style of scroll bars in Windows 11.
  • On macOS, system font loading has been improved, making opening and switching to new tabs faster in certain situations.
  • On February 8th, all 18 color themes from version 94 of Firefox will expire. This marks the end of a limited-time set of special features. However, the theme can be kept, as long as it is used by the expiration date. In other words, if a colorway is “enabled” in the plugin manager, that colorway is ours forever.
  • Support for directly generating PostScript for printing on Linux has been removed. However, printing to PostScript printers is still a supported option.
  • Several bug fixes and new policies have been implemented in the latest version of Firefox.
  • Various security fixes.
  • Some bugs fixed by the community, all available in this release note.

Firefox 97 can now be downloaded from the official website. In the next few hours it will appear as an update in the software center of our Linux distribution. Also available in flat hub.