Firefox 96

Although they had already announced its launch in different media, what happens before Tuesday is that Mozilla uploads the new version of the browser to its server, but the launch is not official until they update the website with all the news included. And that’s what they just did, therefore, in addition to being able to download Firefox 96 from your server, it can now be downloaded from the official website.

Among the new features, Mozilla says that has eliminated noise and echo to improve the user experience. On the other hand, Firefox 96 is the first version after the signing of the agreement with Linux Mint. But don’t worry, because it is nothing exclusive; the agreement will make the browser stay as developed by Mozilla, and disappear all customization (with search engines included) of Linux Mint.

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Highlights of Firefox 96

  • Significant improvements have been made to noise suppression and automatic gain control, as well as slight improvements to echo cancellation to offer a better overall experience.
  • The main thread load has also been significantly reduced.
  • Firefox will now enforce the cookie policy: Same-Site = lax by default, providing a strong first line of defense against Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks.
  • In macOS, clicking on the Gmail links opens in a new tab as expected.
  • Fixed an issue where video would intermittently stop working on the SSRC.
  • Fixed an issue where WebRTC lowered the shared screen resolution to provide a clearer browsing experience.
  • Fixed video quality degradation issues on certain sites.
  • Full screen video has been temporarily disabled on macOS to avoid some corruption issues, brightness changes, missing subtitles, and high CPU usage.
  • Various security fixes

As we have already discussed, the launch of Firefox 96 it’s official, so it can now be downloaded from the project download page. From there, Linux users can download the binaries, and it will soon begin to reach the official repositories of the different Linux distributions. We remember that Ubuntu now uses the Snap version. The new version will be available soon on Flathub.