Firefox 94

Four weeks ago, Mozilla finally decided to enable support for the AVIF format in its web browser. It was several months that they added it in the beta version but they backed off, and it seems that at the beginning of October they already had everything perfect and they released it on the stable channel. In that stable channel is now Firefox 94, and its developers have been in charge of highlighting that this new version has come with six new themes or color palettes.

Among the users that Mozilla is taking care of the most in the latest versions are those of macOS, partly because it is a system with a somewhat peculiar design and partly because Apple launched its M1 about a year ago. In Firefox 94, the browser uses the macOS low power mode for full screen YouTube video playback. Below you have the complete list of news that has arrived with this version.

What’s new in Firefox 94

  • New selection of six fun seasonal Colorways (available for a limited time only). We must hurry if we want to find what best suits us or our mood.
  • On macOS, now use Apple’s Low Power Mode for full-screen videos on YouTube and Twitch. This significantly prolongs battery life for long viewing sessions. The smallest of the house will take advantage of it without disturbing the adults.
  • With this version, advanced users can use about: unloads to free up system resources by manually downloading tabs without closing them.
  • On Windows, there will now be fewer interruptions because Firefox will not ask for updates. Instead, a background agent will download and install updates even if Firefox is closed.
  • To better protect all Firefox users against side channel attacks like Specter, Site Isolation has been introduced.
  • The company is rolling out the Firefox Multi-Account Containers extension with Mozilla VPN integration. This allows us to use a different server location for each container.
  • Firefox no longer warns us by default when we exit the browser or close a window using a menu, a button or a three-key command. This should reduce unwelcome notifications, which is always nice; however, if we prefer a little warning, we will still have full control over the behavior of the exit / close modal. All notices can be managed within Firefox Settings.
  • And now Firefox supports the new Snap Layouts menus (not related to Canonical snap packages) when running on Windows 11.
  • The overhead of using APIs has been reduced performance.mark () and performance.measure () with a large set of performance inputs.
  • Paint suppression during loading has been modified to greatly improve warmload performance in site isolation mode.
  • With this version, the enumeration of Javascript properties is faster.
  • Javascript memory usage has been reduced.
  • They have also implemented better garbage collection scheduling, which has improved some page load benchmarks.
  • This release has also reduced CPU usage during socket probing for HTTPS connections.
  • Also, storage initialization is faster.
  • Cold start has also been improved by reducing main thread I / O.
  • Also, closing devtools now reclaims more memory than before.
  • And they have improved page loading (especially with site isolation mode) by setting a higher priority for loading and displaying images.
  • Other minor and security fixes.

Now available from its website, soon on your Linux system

Firefox 94 It is now available to download from their website. From there, Linux users can download the binaries, and the new version will soon arrive in the official repositories of the different Linux distributions.